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delices321September 15, 2007

My son was very sick last fall and I decided to keep him in my bed with me. He was vomiting allot and I was afraid that he would choke if he was in his own bed. Now it's fall again and he's still sleeping in my bed. I cannot get him to sleep in his bed. Any suggestions?

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You didn't say how old your child is. It took me a while to get the kids out of my bed. Different things have worked for each child.

With my first child, I gave him my old bed when I upgraded to a new one. I was going to buy him a new one,but he latched on to my old one and loved it. He didn't even want the new bedding I tried to offer.

With ds#2, I had another baby and needed to move him to another bed. I bought bunk and kept them unbunked. Both boys had a new bed and new bedding and loved it. We involved them in the process so they had some say in what we bought.

DD has been my most difficult child as far as sleeping in her own bed. We bought her a new bed and let her help pick it out. That didn't work. I then let her buy new Carebear bedding and painted her walls pink like she wanted. That didn't work either. Dh bought her a leap frog learning game that she is allowed to take to bed at night. That sort of kept her there. I recently decorated her room and added princess things to her walls. I've noticed her spending a lot more time in there since it has been decorated. Dd has finally grown tall enough to flip the light switch own. I think she likes to think she's a big girl now since she has more control.

We've had various lapses when the kids get sick, we move or go on vacation, etc. I've had luck with getting back into the routine by rewarding them for sleeping in bed all night. For example if you sleep in your bed all week, well go to the zoo on Friday.

Good Luck! I hope you find something that works for you soon.

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