curing time for semi-gloss paint

flseadogAugust 1, 2009

The painter for our new build has just finished painting the wood shelves for our linen closets and pantry. DH said the painter recommends that we wait at least 3 weeks to allow time for the paint to cure completely. Also, he said that fiber of any type (cardboard, book bindings, etc.) will tend to stick to even completely cured paint, especially if the load of the shelf is heavy and recommended putting shelf liner down before loading up with sheets and towels.

Question 1: We're already behind schedule on moving in so I'm feeling frustrated about not being able to put things away but I don't want to mess up anything. Does 3 weeks sound reasonable?

Question 2: DH forgot to ask if any particular type of shelf liner is better than others to use on newly painted shelves and I haven't been able to get the painter on the phone. Do you have any recommendations for a good shelf liner?


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Three weeks is about what I suggest. Most manufacturers will claim somewhere in the range of 2-6 weeks for full cure. I don't know anything about shelf liner, but I do know that when items stick to fully cured paint, you can usually just pull the item off without damaging the actual paint film.

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Thank you, paintguy. I'll try to be patient and just spend my time organizing rather than stowing everything right away. If anyone else has a suggestion on what to use for shelf lining I'd appreciate all suggestions.

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