I'll Love You Forever

rhondatSeptember 8, 2001

I was reading some old messages and came across the name of this book. I was curious, as I had never heard of it before, (I'm sure there's going to be a lot of that).

Well the very next day I'm at the chiropractor's office with dd and ds. (They have a small children's corner w/ a picnic table and books). My dd brought me a book and says, Mommy will you read me this?"

I was shocked. Here was the book "I"ll Love You Forever", by Robert Munsch.

I thought, "Naw, it couldn't be" so I started reading it.

It's a good thing there was a box of kleenex on the receptionist's desk. Being a mom has really jacked up my emotions - I couldn't even read the whole thing.

That is one powerful book.

Does anyone have any more good ones to read? (in private)

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Rhondat...I can totally relate...my MIL gave me that book when my DD was born and I balled my eyes out.....another book that always makes me cry is "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein.

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"Guess How Much I Love You"
Don't know the author right now, but it's a really sweet book. Read it, it'll be a favorite. It'll have your family saying "to the moon and back" every night.

I've got another one called "I Promise I'll Find You," again, don't know the author without getting my butt out of this chair to go check. I don't think I ever did finish that one. I can't open it and read it again, and can't bare to get rid of it. It's a mother telling her child that if was every missing, she would search until she found him no matter what she had to do. She searches from a boat, horse, balloon, everything and everywhere. I think some of the proceeds from the book go to a missing children's fund. I couldn't handle that book, just too much.

I second "The Giving Tree." And really anything by Shel Silverstein.

Also check out the authors Audrey and Don Wood, husband and wife, one writes the other illustrates. Their books are great stories with real insight into how kids think. They are cute and funny, with unbelievable pictures.

I was browsing the book store once and came across a book by the actor/comic Will Smith about a father's love for his child. Don't remember the title on this one, but it was very touching. But I already had my self imposed limit and didn't buy.

I'm a children's book junkie, so I'll probably think of more later.

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I have that book, too. It's a real tearjerker. I think it goes over most kids' heads, but parents like it HAHA>

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We have that one, but I like _I Love You, Little One_ better. I'm not sure who the author is, but basically it's a baby deer, duck, rabbit, mouse, bear, and owl, who ask "do you love me, mama?" and then mama answers "I love you as the ... forever and every and always". DS likes it, too.

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My DH and I bought the "I'll love you forever" book before we were even preggo. We each wrote a message to our first child in it. Our DD (2) will ask for that book most nights. She calls it "back and fort" (ya know the whole rocking back and forth part??). It's so cute.


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On a humours side, there's "I Love You Stinky Face" In it a little boy asks his mom "what if" questions like "What if I was a stinky skunk, would you still love me?" The mother replies she would and when he asks her would she still love him if he was a terrible dinosaur and with sharp claws that rip everything to shreds, she says that she would sew up his sheet every morning and that she would of course still love him. It gives the message that no matter what they do, mom is still going to love them. I also love "Guess How Much I Love You"

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I found one called "Just In Case You Ever Wonder" by Max Lucado.
I wouldn't call it a tear jerker - although one page did get me chocked up.

This is what the back says "Here's everything you'd like to say to your children about how much you love them and most of all how special they are to God. Just In Case You Ever Wonder wraps your children in its warm message of love,comfort,and protection."

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Being a Children's Librarian as well as a mother of a 20 month old son I always get to see the newest and the best of these kinds of books.
Another good one if your child is going to daycare or school is "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn
A really cute one is "My Monster Mama Loves me so" by Laura Leuck.
I bought my mother a book for Mothers Day called "Grandmothers Song" by Marion Bauer about the arrival of a new grandson.

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Oh I am so glad - I cried and cried when my cousin gave me this book (I'll Love You Forever) - I could not even finish it - the tears were rolling so much!!

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When I was doing my student teaching, I read "Guess How Much I Love You" to my first graders. (I didn't have kids at the time, so I loved my students like my own!) I was telling them how much I loved them, and one little boy said, "Well, I love you all the way to God and back." That was several years ago, but my husband and I still say that to each other.

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"I'll love you Forever", is that the one that goes

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be

My aunt read that book to me on the phone a few days ago, she wants to buy a copy for my children. It was the sweetest thing I've ever heard. It made me cry.

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I made up a tune for the song. I need to dig it out and read it to my son; I think it got buried after my daughter outgrew it.

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My SIL gave that to us when my DD was born and I, too, cried in front of everyone while reading it outloud to my 7 yr old niece. Great book.

If I think of any good ones I will post.

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I first heard that story told out loud....and cried my eyes out. Then I sat through a friend reading it to her daycare kids....and we both broke down. I think I had to read that thing a good 15 times before I could actually get all the way through it without my voice breaking!

It's a good "Daddy-read" book :-)

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I'll have to get it, but I'm not sure about the "Daddy read" part. I get weepy reading several of the nighttime stories.

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A beautiful one that is nice at christmas is, "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey", the only other one I know is called "The Dance". Both have beautiful illustrations and are rather heart-wrenching tearjerkers....I love them!

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I also can not get through "I'll Love You Forever" with out crying. My husband thought I was nuts sitting on the chair reading it to our 2 yo crying my eyes out. But DS loves to look at the pictures. He calls it the "naughty baby book" because our soft cover copy has a picture of the little boy sitting in the bathroom with a mess all around him. BTW, DS was trying to get DH to read it to him and I noticed he could not get very far into it before he told DS t pick another book ;)

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Ok...I have seen this post before. And funny I had our book club ad come today and on the front cover..."I'll love you forever"....I think I'll order it as thats just too much of a coincidence!!! I'll tell you how bad I cryy...*snickers*..

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Yeah- i think it's called "The Day You Were Born"

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Actually, the title of the book is "Love You Forever". It is one of my favorite books. Published, I think, in around 1986. My boys are grown but we just loved that book when they were small! I still give copies of it to friends of mine on Mothers Day. The author is Robert Munsch. Check out the link to read more about it. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Robert Munsch

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The book freaked me out when she was driving to her sons house with the ladder on her car! and climbing up the ladder to his bedroom window. I thought it was so freaky and stalking.... Anyone else feel that way?

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baltozmom, I am so glad I'm not the only one who thought that! I thought it was strange her holding her grown son in her lap, also. I really thought I had a soft heart and I do cry pretty easily, but I thought it was a strange book on some pages.

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Yep, I thought this book was creepy, too. The book's message is sweet, but the whole climbing up the ladder thing is a bit much.

Now I do love Robert Munsch's book "The Paper Bag Princess." It's a funny book with a great message. And it's not creepy. :)

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