Teaching Body Parts

michie1September 13, 2002

Are there any good books, toys or songs that teach body parts?

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I'm sure there is probably other stuff out there, but my favorite is the "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes" song. The Wiggles have a version of it on one of their videotapes.

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Oh yes we sing that song. It's on our gymboree tape. I don't much like the Wiggles, but if they have that song on one of their tapes that's good to know so Lainie can see others doing it.

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You don't really need to have a song or anything like that...Just teach her. My fiance' spent a few minutes here and there each day teaching our son different body parts. Once he grasped the ones he taught him, he'd add more to the list. I never knew he was doing this until one day my fiance' started asking DS to point to different body parts in front of me. I was stunned! He taught him things other than the normal, eyes, nose, mouth...like elbow. (MIL got a kick out of Shane saying, "Bellbow!) Now Shane is 3 and fiance' is working on left and right! Amazing what kids pick up on. Just make a game out of it and do it at a certain time when you're doing something else. Fiance' taught son whle getting him ready for bed or dressing him or putting shoes on. Good luck.


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Hi nadastimer~

I know you don't have to sing songs or buy books or dolls. We work on stuff everyday. Some body parts she can say & identify & others she can just point out if we ask her. We work on a body part when we notice that it seems to come up (not in any particulr order). For now we've mastered: nose, teeth, boobies, peepee, belly button & have recently started with knee, shoulder, tongue. I was hoping to find a toy though that would make it fun & interesting so we could just have 1 more thing to reinforce it with.


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I don't know if they still have it but they did make an Ernie doll that sang, "If You're Happy and You Know It". He would have your tickle his belly, squeeze his nose and feet and pat his head. That would be a song that you could use maybe? Just make up your own verses like stick out your tongue or maybe scratch your knee... We bought Ernie for our DS's 1st b-day and he loved him.

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Have a 17 month old myself. Have used "Head, SHoulders, Knees and toes" (including Wiggles version), Where is Thumbkin, "If you're happy and you know it" with made up motions, and a book called "where is baby's belly button?". Also use dolls and stuffed animals for reinforcement. And of course, talking when dressing and changing diapers. Started on body parts around 13 months, and she's got most of them down. She loves to find Mommy's and Daddy's belly buttons!!!!!

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My sister gave me an Elmo which told ds where his body parts were if you pressed the Elmo's corresponding body parts, but that was two years ago, and they probably don't sell it any more. I know my sister often shops at Dollar Store and WalMart, so you probably could find it there. There is also a good Elmo book called "Shake a Leg" which might be fun.


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Latest update: We just continued what we were doing - singing the head shoulders song, pointing out her body parts while dressing or bathing her & asking her where her body parts were, etc. She's great at doing them & even knows the difference lets say btn her nose vs. mommy's nose, which is a more difficult concept. The thing that surprised me the most is that she even knew things I didn't start naming until I saw her identifying them when other people asked. Somehow she's picked these up on her, just like about a mos ago I heard her counting & I had no idea she knew how. Surprises everyday are the great part of parenting a toddler!

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