heartmomSeptember 18, 2008

my 18 month old likes to go under the computer and play with the computer wires i take him away morethan 3 times and he still goeds back i even try ti get him into other things so today i slapped his hands and told him no is slapping his hands bad

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Yes. In general, slapping or hitting of any kind is not the best way to teach any lesson. He learns to hit which is probably not what you want.

Better to distract him or wait until he is occupied until you do computer stuff. A pain but it won't last forever...

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I'm going through the same thing right now with my 16 month old graddaughter. She has learned how to turn the computer off at the power strip. It's like the more I try to keep her away from it the more she wants to get to it. Yesterday I put a pack of paper and a small box on top of the power strip so she couldn't see it. Shortly after she comes to meet me and throws the box at my feet !! Had to try really hard not to laugh. I have slapped her hand on occasion but I'm here to tell you it doesn't work. We have the power strip out for our convenience so we will have to reroute that. Can you bundle your wires so he can't get to them or put something in front of the computer desk that he can't move? I have had to remove most of my occasional chairs because she is in to climbing as well. I never had to childproof my house so much with my kids, she keeps me on my toes and is sure to let me know if something needs childproofing. I also have a artificial tree that she loves to grab the spanish moss stuff out from around the tree. That may have to go into hiding for a while. It's not like she doesn't have toys to play with. I'm hoping this is just temporary or she'll move on to something else. Good luck!

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Eons ago, our daughter liked to chew on electric cords. I always watched her and pulled her away, but she would not leave them alone. I feared she would bite through to the electric wire itself and injure herself. So, for the first time, I slapped or spanked her, cannot remember which. That was the last time she bit into the electric cords. I would do it that way again when safety is an issue and I don't know how else to resolve the issue. This same daughter had to gate their tv and the electric cords for all the equipment from their son for the same reason. After about 6 months, she was able to put the gate away as he had learned not to touch.

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I agree with sheilajoyce. Slapping (or spanking) a kid on the hand is okay just as long as it is NEVER done in anger but to let him know what he did is not okay. And this should only happen in dire situations like when safety of the child is involved. My 2 year old used to play with the cables on the computer and it would scare me to death. I had to spank her just to make her stop. It worked.
I don't have anger issues so I guess it's okay for me. But if you have anger issues, then I don't recommend spanking ever!

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I am having the same issues with my 10 month old son. When he is getting into something he shouldn't be(which is all the time) I simply remove him from whatever it is he shouldn't have and firmly say no. He seems to be getting the idea of "no", but certainly does not alway(in fact rarely) listen. Dad thinks it's OK to flick his hand, which obviously isn't really hurting him, but I feel he is a little young yet to do this. I certainly would never spank him at this age, and neither does Dad, but is he too young to start flicking his hand?

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I am a big anti smacker,I never smack my kids,1, it doesnt work ,2, its just teaching them to hit people when they arnt happy with what that certain person is doin.I would never flick my ten month old baby ,he is far too young for that,a firm no and taking him away from the wires is enough,my other children have pushed my patience and i could of easily smacked them many times but there is lots of other ways to punish,rather than hitting them

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