Potty Training! Help! Please!!

italicsAugust 23, 2006

I am a preschool teacher. I teach 2 and 3 year olds. We are considered the "potty training class." One of my kids is almost four and will not poop in the potty. Yesterday, he sat on the potty for about 15 minutes and within 5 minutes of getting up, pooped in his underwear. He doesn't have wetting accidents anymore. He has been wearing underwear for close to a year. I really don't know what else to do with him. There's a lot of pressure to get him trained so he can move up because he's too big to be in my room. We recently promoted our kids, so I've got a bunch of little girls and one big, hyper-active boy. Please help. I appreciate any suggestions or ideas you submitt.

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What does his mother say? Are you both on the same page with potty-training, and are you both seeing the same behaviors? Some boys just take longer, but others have something else going on.

There's lots of good information available about potty-training, so I won't go into any specifics here on that tack. But as the parent of a child with special needs, I'll address that possibility.

You mention the boy is hyper-active. Has he been officially diagnosed with ADHD, or are you just using the term to indicate how active he is? And does he have any other differences compared to the other children his age -- speech? language use? gross and fine motor skills? social skills? If he's behind in one of more areas, talk to your Director about your observations and how to share them with his parents without making it appear like you do not like their son. If there are some developmental problems (and being somewhat late to potty train IS NOT, in isolation, enough reason to suspect serious problems) -- But if there are other reasons to suspect a problem, the best thing you can do for this little boy is to voice your concerns to his parents.

And why should not being poop-trained mean this little boy should have to stay in a class that is otherwise inappropriate for him? IMO, that is not a good policy, and may actually illegal discrimination if it turns out the potty issue is related to a disability.

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Boy's are harder to train.
Have you tryed making a game of it?Or giving him a toy which he likes alot while he is on the potty.
Maybe he can feel the pressure that you have to train him and that is why he won't do it in the potty.
Have you asked his mommy if he still does it in his underwear at home.

I wish you luck.

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Our pediatricians say that is quite common with boys (having difficulty learning to poop in the potty). Some thoughts on it are that boys are used to seeing their pee come out and go into the potty, so it is kind of scary to them when they can't see the poop coming out. Girls, on the other hand, can't see the pee coming out so not being able to see the poop coming out is no big deal.

What worked on my boys, if you can wait a few more months and this child believes in Santa, is to have the Mom take him to see Santa and explain it to Santa in front of the child. As soon as Santa arrived at our mall I brought my son to sit on his lap and while my child was telling him how good he had been I interrupted with "Now Santa, I realize you won't be able to bring him any of the nice toys that he wants until he begins to poop in the potty. So as soon as he starts to do this we will come right up here and let you know." Santa looked at me like I had lost my mind and my child was totally horrified. We left the mall and went home. Within 15 minutes of being home my son had pooped in the potty and asked to go back to tell Santa about it. We did and he never pooped in his pants again.

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