2 year old is so light !!!

jopopsyAugust 27, 2007

Wow, I didn't even know this forum was here. I've spent all my time over in the tractor forum ... heh.

Anyway, my little girl is a feather. She's in the 50th percentile for height, 70th for head diameter, but 3rd for weight (yah, 3%). This was at her 2 year checkup. At her 18 month checkup she was at the 5th percentile.

The doctor is concerned (and making me VERY concerned of course). We are now feeding her pediashure in stead of one glass of milk and we are also giving her milk w/ Carnation Instant B'fast in it (once a day). This is in addition to whatever else we can get her to eat (rains bread w/ Cream cheese, mac & cheese, hot dog, etc.). We are hoping this helps her add a few pounds and get her up a couple of percentage points.

She has hit all her milestones on time (or early - she can already count to 10 and she can speak in sentences already). She is VERY active (jumps around a lot, runs around a great deal more, never sits down unless its naptime or the 1 hour of TV time we allow).

Should I be worried, or should I take the doctor's concern w/ a grain of salt?

Thanks in advance !

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I would say she's just an itty bitty babe....a skinny-malink.
If she's eating well and theright things and not sick...I say don't worry....butw hen a kid that little gets sick....there's not much to spare. A couple of days of the flu can send them into the danger zone.
FWIW...I was like that....and you ought to see me now! And my grand daughter at 16 is just now not the smallest in her class of several hundred at a big high school!...However she's a cheer leader and they love her at the top of the pyramid!
All else being good....not to worry.
Linda C

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DD#2 was like that..and ate like a pig. Doctor is right to be concerned, and is treating it correctly. Concern is not the same as worried...she may be one that grows this month, gains next. Watch that. You have a peanut, as long as she is eating healthy foods, and eating well, just watch her. and as lindac says, be aware when she is sick as she does not have the fat store others have.


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My two yr old grand-daughter is in the 90th percentile for height and 10th percentile for weight. She's also a real lightweight. She's as healthy as they come but, like everyone has said, we do worry if she gets ill because she has no fat reserved.

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Just a few questions --

Are you and/or your husband on the small side? Or were either of you very small as young children?

And you say she's met all of her milestones on time or early -- that's great. (And please take reassurance from that -- It really is very important and significant.) But is her development, medical history or behavior unusual in any way? (Every child's will be.) Start a list, keep it handy, and add in everything your see or notice that seems unusual. If there is something wrong, you never know what the clue will be that leads the specialists in the right direction. It could be something as minor as nosebleeds, a skin rash, an unusual interest in music, or a small birthmark.

I'd also keep a diary-style journal of what foods she eats along with any behavior or potty changes. If she has food intolerances or dietary absorbstion issues, those might become apparent from your records. Also write down the dates she reaches any milestones (even minor ones).

Now - all of this might be completely unnecessary, and there could be absolutely nothing wrong. But in the event that there is something wrong, your records will be extremely valuable.

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It looks like a month of Carnation Instant Breakfast, reading to her at meal time, and some Oreos have added 2.5-3 pounds onto her !!! Its not an official weight, I got on the scale w/ and w/o her. But according to the chart, if my scale is right, she's around the 25th percentile now!

Phew !

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My friend's son is turning two, and he is not even on the charts as far as weight goes. He was a big juice drinker, and apparently not getting the fat he needs from whole milk. The doctor told her to cut off all juice for now, and just give him the milk. That seems to have helped, but he is still a peanut. He has always been kind of small, so I think that is just the way he is. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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