Im sooo frustrated with my sons age

twobearsmomAugust 23, 2009

OMG can I please vent! I am so frustrated sometimes with my sons new personality. He is 2 years and 8 months old and drives me crazy sometimes. I feel so bad but I am only human and sometime I just need peace. I just had a girl 3 weeks ago and Im sooo tired and exhaused and I feel like I have the most difficult toddler in the world. Please any advice will help.

1. WE HAVE BEEN POTTY TRANING HIM FOR A YEARRRR AND HE STILL PEES AND POOPS IN HIS DIAPER!!! I would love to hear advice i have not tried because trust me I tried EVERYTHING. Potty, potty seat, Rewarding, bribing, taking a break from it, underwear, praise...everything. I cant keep changing 2 sets of diapers or affording 2 sizes. What do I do?

2. THis kid doesnt sleep. He is up for atleast 16 hours a day with no nap...again I AM TIRED and would like a break.

3. Screaming at me, hitting, doing something after we just told him not to like 50248579 times, trying to pick up his sister when im not there, pouring stuff all over the floor while Im sleeping (powder lotion juice etc...)

Please someone help me I was doing sooooo good with him until recently I feel like iM REalLy loosing my mind. MY friends used to tell me i made it look so easy and he is so well behaved and really smart now i feel like im losing control.

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Lack of sleep makes it seem alot worse too doesnt daughter was just two when i had a baby,two lots of nappy changes and the price bothered me daughter is three now and out of nappies completly,i did nothing,didnt potty train,she just came out of them by herself,i put no pressure on her atall.I think your daughter is definatly attention seeking,my baby is 15 months old now and in my experience things have got worse,she doesnt let him play with any toys,they are constantly screaming.Ive alot of patience but sometimes i break down too,think its lack of sleep as my 15month old is just the worst sleeper,since i had my son ,my daughter is bottle and dummy mad,wont give them up,my son doesnt even like a dummy,she starts nursery in a few weeks ,although she says she isnt going,im hoping things improve then,anyway sorry i dont have any advice im just letting you know your definatly not alone,think im venting myself this morning as ive had the worst sleep last night,kids eh.but they do grow up really fast and this will be a distant memory,good luck xx

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Been there done that. I had three babies in 3.5 years. I spent a lot a days sitting in a rocker recliner with two toddlers and a baby in my lap because everyone needed mommy. Each child had to have his/her turn at "This little Piggy". We even slept four in a bed at naptime because I would lay down with the kids and fall asleep too. I couldn't go to the bathroom by myself much less get anything accomplished.

Hopefully, things will calm down a little bit as you start settling into a new routine and your ds gets used to having a sibling. Your ds just needs to know that he is still loved and hasn't been replaced. Try to include him in things with the baby as much as you can. If you're feeding the baby, he can be sitting right with you. If he's old enough to draw, have him draw pictures. Proudly hang them on the refrigerator. Remind him of how big he is and how he can do big boy things. Praise him whenever you can. Take lots of pictures.

My advice would be to ignore the potty training right now. It's just going to be frustrating for both of you. Wait a few months and then try again. A lot of kids aren't potty trained before they are three. Little boys usually take longer than girls. It's not worth the extra stress or hassle when you have other major life changes like a new baby.

Does your son have a movie or dvd that he likes to watch? Kids usually like to watch the same things over and over again. You don't want to depend on a movie as a continual babysitter, but it may help you to get a little rest and hopefully develop a better schedule. Pick a time that would be good for a nap. The two of you snuggle on the couch or in a bed or wherever and watch the movie together. Your ds may not get back to taking naps, but at least you'll get a little rest and he'll know he's still special to you.

Good luck to you. It may exhausting and frustrating right now, but everything changes with time.

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