Potty-Training-How to tell when it's time!

netshoundAugust 13, 2006

My DD is 2 1/2. I put my foot down today and said this is the day I'm going to give it my best to start potty-training. I put her in regular cotton training underware, I don't believe in pull-ups. Every 10-15 minutes I would take her into the bathroom and put her up on the toilet on her little training seat and a couple of times she actually went. More than not though...she went in her underware. Why is this not working? Is she not ready? Unfortunatly, she's always been the kind of child that could wear a dirty diaper and it would'nt bother her. I would'nt even had known she'd gone if I did'nt change her diaper. She never tells me when she has, I just see her stop in her tracks and concentrating..thats how I know she's going. Or I can smell it after the fact! She just does'nt seem to care about doing it on the toilet. Help...what do I do? She goes to daycare with other kids that are potty-trained and everyone seems to think she should be already. Any ideas?

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Keep up the "pretty panties" and perhaps put her on the potty every 30 minutes....
And remember....when she does go....the thunder roars! Lights flash! Everyone claps and she gets a "potty treat".
She is well old enough...in fact perhaps too old....she is very used to going in her pants.
But ditch those plastic super absorbant things....it's way too comfortable to be wet.
I was talking this evening to a mother of teen agers about her sisters 2 year old....she was saying both her kids were trained in a weekend....she just put them in regular pants....and they figured it out ( of course they had seen other people using the toilet so they knew what it was for). Her sister is messing with pullups and the rest of the nonsense...they need to see what they're are doing.
My daughter has 4 kids....not sure how the oldest figured it out...but every other kid was trained by the other kids in the family...They just told them what to do....and where to do it and expressed extreem distaste when they made a mistake.
Linda C

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Be patient. It will not happen overnight. My SIL used a 'train in one day method' back years ago. It worked like a champ for her first daughter. The younger daughter, though, had a mind of her own.

Every child is different. Your consistency is key.

Give the underwear a chance. The reason she never minded messy diapers is because - except for big #2's, the new diaper technology makes it hard for the child to realize whether they have gone or not.

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