20 month utters few words

beenishAugust 9, 2007

my baby boy is 20 month old but he utters few words like mama , yes...............im concerned abt him. he has his elder sister n he tries to communicate with her but says meaningless words. he also tries to talk to me but words are meaningless. soemtimes he tries to imitate me like trying to speak sis's name etc. u think his progress is ok?

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Sounds like he's probably still "within normal limits" but on the slow end. The fact that he's trying to communicate is a really good sign.
It could be absolutely nothing (most likely), or it might be the first sign of a problem.
Knowing what I now know, as the parent of a child with special needs, I'd watch carefully, take notes, and bring up your concerns (if you still have them) with his pediatrician at his normal 24-month check-up. What kind of notes?:

- Is he making lots of different nonsense sounds? Or just a few sounds over and over. Write down the sounds he does make, and if you can tell, the words he's attempting and how he says them. (For example: cup - 'u)

- Do you have any reason to believe his hearing is less-than-perfect? And have you had it checked recently? Any history of ear infections?

- Is there any other reason to believe there may be a problem? Has he met all of his other milestones on time?

- How are his large- and fine-motor skills? Are you able to compare his skills to other kids his same age?

But the most important bit of advice I can give you is simply this: If your gut tells you that there's a problem (not your over-anxious Mom voice - but your gut), then insist on an evaluation by a Speech and Language Pathologist, just to set your mind at ease.

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