stmiddlebrooksAugust 8, 2006

Do any of you have 13-24 month olds in a 4 hour program such as Mother's Day Out? My son, who is 17 months, goes 2 days a week from 8:30-12:30. He only takes one nap a day at home usually around 2:00. They make the class lay down at 11:30 am! I feel like I shouldn't be paying someone to make my child nap 1 hour when he's only there for 4. I also feel like this is going to be disruptive to his normal routine. I asked if they have to nap, and they say that they have to lay down. Most 17 month olds will fall asleep if made to sit still, but at home he is perfectly happy and not cranky at all as long as he is kept busy. Do other 4 hour programs do this, or do they provide another room for toddlers who don't need to nap? The infants (up to a year) are in another class all together. They have two teachers in the room and only 7 toddlers. I've spoken to another parent, and she feels the same as me. Should I remove him from the program to keep his routine consistent?

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Can you change your routine and nap him earlier in the day? MY son has always been an early napper, at 17 months he was barely getting out of two naps a day actually. I would be bothered by them only having an hour to nap though. My son needs two hours and he's almost three.

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My son takes a 2-3 hour nap at 2:00. If they allowed a 2 hour nap, then he'd have to lay down at 10:30 since they leave at 12:30, so that's not really possible. So, changing his schedule wouldn't really work unless we go back to two naps a day, and that 2nd nap ends up being close to 4:30 if he naps at 11:30 because I can't get him down any earlier. If he doesn't take the 2nd nap, then he's to cranky by 5:30 or so to eat dinner because he's just ready to go to sleep for the night.

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I am a teacher and a child care provider. The program your son is in should not have a nap time for that short of time. I agree with you, most MDO programs run until 2:30pm. In that case rest/nap time is necessary. I actually pulled my son out of MDO, also, because it disrupted his nap schedule at home.LOL!!

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I think those providers r just alittle 2 lazy. Shouldn't they eat lunch(2 fill up) & then take a nap? What have I been doing wrong? Neither of my toddlers take 2 naps at all. They used 2 take just 1 nap alittle after lunch, which lasted maybe an hour & thats all. Now,my 2 year old naps around 1pm & sleeps for an hour(if I'm lucky) & my 3 year old WILL NOT take a nap at any cost! And boy does he remind us of how tired he is 4 the rest of the day! N.E.advice 4 me on that issue by the way?

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