disneyland info?

gobabyAugust 5, 2002

Hi! We are going to Disneyland for 3 days with 2 toddlers. Any tips or suggestions for us? We have never been so any help or ideas would be great. TIA

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Florida or California? I can never keep them straight.

I used to bring my own stroller, but now I rent the double stroller on the park site. Much easier taking the bus or whatever, to the park. And it has a great shade to keep sun off. And they are easier for a kid to take a catnap in.

Went to Orlando parks in May. Hot weather, and the big thing to sell are the little mister-fan-bottle-things. Take my advice: buy it at Target before you go! The park charges $17 for that sucker! And you'll spend the whole trip listening to the kids whine that they want one because they see everyone else with one!

Pack your own bottles of water. Stick a change of clothes in a zip lock bag in your back pack just in case.

They also do thorough searches prior to entering the parks as part of post-911 security. So just be ready to put everything on the table to be inspected.

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