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gobabyAugust 13, 2002

I spent a lot of time thinking about why DS started throwing so many tantrums. One of my thoughts was that he might be bored. I've been sick over the last few months and haven't gotten out much. So, I decided to give him a test.

Instead of our usual number of outings in a week, I added 4 more activities. One day we went swimming, another day we went to the mall, another day we played with the trains at the bookstore and then we went to an extra storytime at the library.

What a difference! The tantrums haven't completely stopped but they are shorter and not quite as loud. They are more like disagreements than fights.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason he was throwing tantrums at stores and other places is because he has been bored at home. He wouldn't want to leave because he knew he was going home to the boring place. We don't have family that live in town and there are no children in the area that we live in so he probably was feeling lonely.

Preschool starts on Thursday so I think most tantrums will be taking a leave. You noticed that I said "most" tantrums not ALL tantrums. I wish I could say that!!

THANK YOU!! All of you that wrote in. I think I just needed some support. Sometimes I feel so isolated as a SAHM. It really helps having other Moms tell me that it gets better. Thanks again!

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Please feel free to chat anytime here!
Usually, when we parents hit issues, we feel all alone, when the truth is, it's something we all have encountered at one time or another.

Glad to hear preschool is starting soon. SAH is ok when they are zero-18months, but then they start craving challenges and activities. And they have a lot more energy than we do! So this should work out wonderfully for you.

Good luck!

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What do you do around your house with the kids? DS is 3 and we're home most days. Most of the time when I ask if he wants to go somewhere he says he wants to stay home! LOL We go outside and play on his slide or swim in our small Easy Set pool. He likes to watch TV, play with his toys, paint and color or really anything. He's into helping around the house and being helpful, too. Try involving your son in stuff you're doing. Sometimes it may take longer or you may have a mess to clean up but the kids have so much fun and enjoy it.

We try to get out at night or on the weekends. Even then, it's not a lot of time at the store. (He even likes going to the grocery store...he reminds me of things we need to get! LOL) We usually visit family or friends on the weekends one or twice. You could easily just take rides just to look for animals or whatever. Our son isn't around a ton of kids and yet when he is, he makes friends quickly and they get along so I"m not all concerned about him not being in daycare or preschool.

Also, I've found that just sitting down and talking to your kids makes them happy and can be fun. Our son will ask a today it was, "Can we take our dog to the fair this week?" and I explained dogs weren't allowed and reasons why. So now he can share that with Daddy when he comes home. I"ve also had to explain why it has to rain or why it thunders (so he's not scared anymore I said that two clouds are fighting over whether it should stay hot or cool off) or why the pool was getting slimy.. A lot of the time that we are talking, I'm also doing something else like preparing supper and he feels he's getting attention and I"m getting my work done, too. Or we can be driving in the car and he'll ask what a road sign means and I've taught him a few and he'll tell us now! Include your son in every day simple stuff and to him it can be fun and it may take care of his boredom.

Good luck and no you're not alone. All parents, even parents with seemingly good kids have bad days. We all have days we would like to go on strike, too. You just have to figure out the best way to deal with those days and get through them.

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