3 year old, first time at preschool

emmhipAugust 19, 2005

My 3 year old will be attending preschool in a few weeks, how can I prepare her for this? When we went for our interview/tour she was very, very, shy and did not want to talk or interact with anyone. She warmed up mildly by the time we left. The preschool seems very well run, interactive, and the teachers seemed great. I am unsure of how to break the news to her that she is going to be spending 3 days a week there, when she didn't have the greatest time. We are younger parents (27 & 28 I guess now qualifies as young..) and none of our immediate friends have kids. Our daughter has spent most of her childhood with adults, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to send her somewhere to hang out with other kids and interact. She is very smart and verbal, I'm just concerned about this transistion. Any thoughts?

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My daughter started preschool last September at 3, and I was worried, too, but now I have to drag her away when it's time to go home! Even if your daughter is shy, after a few weeks she'll probably be used to it. One thing the teachers did tell us, if your child cries or clings to you when it's time to drop them off, just hand your child over to the teacher and go (as hard as that may be!). The teachers are used to this behavior and will spend extra time making your child at ease. A few kids in my daughter's class cried, but now they are all friends and happy to go to school. In the unlikely event your child doesn't adjust, I'm sure the teachers will talk to you about it.

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I agree with blackcat, but for even more suggestions, check out a helpful booklet published by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) entitled "Separation: Strategies for Helping Two to Four Year Olds".

More info at at www.naeyc.org/

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I am a preschool owner, The best thing for you to do is kiss her good bye tell her a time that you will be back say around 12:00 they really dont get the concept of it but it makes them feel better. And leave dont stay and hang around holding her just leave, she might cry but trust me 5 min after you are gone she will be playing like crazy. If it upsets you call the preschool in 10 min see if she has stopped, I promise she has, Its the parents who hang around holding them crying themselfs that make it hard. The first 2 days will be the best and on the 3rd day she will probley be upset again, realizing that this is going to happen, And by the 2 week she will love it and want to go every day. If she dosnt and still has problems you need to do some follow up on the preschool come at random times check on her make sure it is a good one, there are always mean people out there.

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