Would you recommend an FPE red for me?

kitchendetectiveAugust 27, 2011

DS's place has pale gray wood siding and white trim. He would like a lacquer red front door (it is currently the same white as the trim). The only red that the builder offered is very magenta and DS did not want that. He wants a red more like the deepest red on those variegated Le Creuset pots or Le Creuset Cherry color or maybe fire engine red. Primary red. Do you know what I mean? Not an orange red and not a pink red and not a brick red. And he wants it to last in a hot, sunny Texas environment. Could you suggest some specific FPE exterior (Eurolux?) reds to try?

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Well, at least you're considering the right paint!!

ECO Brilliant (sater-based) would be good, with a slight preference to the Oil Hollandlac Brilliant.

Proper prep/scuff-sanding/priming is crucial though!!

Scuff-sand a well-dried primer (with ~220-grit) if you're fussy.

Wish I could be of help with the color!!
FPE has so damn many....
7,000 of their own, & 3,000 Pantone colors.
...although Tulip Red and Rembrandt Red were striking to ME anyway!


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Lori A. Sawaya

I would love to recommend specific Fine Paint of Europe colors to my online friends in the paint and decorating forums and on social media but the FPE fandecks are too dang expensive. FPE isn't local for me so my clients have to order it and I just don't have the client base for FPE to justify the expense for their fandecks.

With that said, I have seen a Rembrandt Red room and it is stunning. Could be a stunning red for a door.

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I suggest you contact FPE in Vermont and talk to Emmett. He'll be able to help you select a color and provide advice on your application. If your builder has never used FPE, there's a definite learning curve. I've used both Eco Brilliant and Oil Hollandac Brilliant for exterior doors. Eco, being water based, is easier to use. But I've never seen a high gloss finish that compares to Hollandac Brilliant; it's mirror-like. It's difficult to use because it attracts dust particles but I didn't fuss too much when I painted an exterior door (a wooden screen/storm door)and I'm very pleased with the result. It's held up beautifully after three years; looks like new.

Here is a link that might be useful: FPE Color Guidance

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Thank you, all. I have spoken with Emmett before as well as another person at FPE. Just thought I'd ask the folks here for an opinion, especially based on consumer/viewer experience.

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