food questions with 16 mo old..HELP!

Teri MastroianniAugust 12, 2005

I need so much help! My son STILL HAS NO TEETH! I am very concerned about nutrition at this point, as he is so picky as well. ...will NOT eat anything from jars anymore. My concerns are in that everything has to be mushy so he can chew it. I have tried giving him fruit, and veggies and eggs...and he will not eat them! What he likes is pasta, bread and eggos he likes american cheese but it seems to constipate him, He will east some coldcut meat too. How on earth is he going to remain healthy if this continues? I am having a very hard time trying to figure out what to serve him at meals. He still has 2 bottles a when he wakes up and one right before bed. I am looking for suggestions and ideas for what I can give him to eat..that is healthy. I am not creative at all, and I am not a big eater myself. I wish I knew what the heck I was doing....

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Even kids who do already have teeth tend to get into eating only one favorite food as they go thru the toddler years. I used to fear that my daughter would turn into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she ate it so much!

So don't stress over a lot of one food choice.

As far as other options, the fact that he likes meat is good for protein. Get some good meat from the deli to give some variety.

As far as cheese, yup, it can constipate. Try to encourage him to eat a banana on days that he eats cheese. That helped my DD "go". Does he like yogurt? You can try some lactaid-type yogurt to hopefully not contribute to his regularity issues.

Try to stick to whole wheat bread and the nutrigrain type of eggos (not the low fat, they dont taste great, just the regular nutrigrain flavor).

And don't worry! His teeth will soon sprout, and he will eat everything in sight! :-) 12 years from now, he'll be probably eating like a horse!

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You could try just serving what you eat, but cutting it into 1/4" or smaller chunks. I don't think that lack of teeth would probably hold him back much. My dd is 21 mo and has most of her teeth now. I don't think she chews most of her food much because she has some pieces that come throw fairly whole in her diaper. (Sorry about the gross visual.)

Also, I like to buy canned vegetable or minestrone soups with small chunks to feed the babies when I'm eating something they shouldn't. Make it according to the package directions and then dump off the extra liquid. It's a great finger food.

Doctors would probably tell you to wean him off the bottles. I know, easier said than done. Removing that might make him open to more options.

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Too funny about the diaper! But so true!

I will never forget how TOTALLY freaked out I was at one of DD's diapers ----- until I realized she had the Blue's Clues blue apple sauce for lunch! LOL

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First of all, have you taken him to a dentist yet? I think 16 months old is the age that they start to worry/check on teeth development. My children were very late also (12-13 months) and aour dentist is a very good friend of ours, so he just kept telling me not to worry until 16 months. He said if we had no teeth by then he would need to examine them to look for signs of development. My son actually got two teeth right at a year old and then no more for several more months, so he did have to take a good look at him to see if things were progressing normally.

Have you tried things like refried beans, baked potatoes with lots of different things mixed in, and pasta salads with some softer things in it like tomatoes, cheeses, basil, etc.? That's what we ate lots of until my kids had enough teeth.

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Late baby teeth are good. There is a far less chance of getting cavities according to one baby book, only because they have not been exposed to plaque causing foods for that long. And that contributes to better adult teeth health too.

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We had a baby food grinder (blender might work) to cut up adult food into a manageable consistency. We'd cook spaghetti with meat, throw it all into the grinder, and poof! Dinner! Our kids loved it. We also cut up small cubes of firm tofu, and put it into low sodium chicken broth to make a healthy soup. Even tofu plain will work. We used to cube it for a snack and serve it plain, it's very healthy for children and they like it. Get the kind in the cardboard container. Yams are great too! Bake them in the oven, and add a little butter after. Endame beans, also very healthy. A few different ideas......

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