2 1/2 year old sweating

lilliumgrmaAugust 20, 2005

My grandson, which we are raising, seems too be hot natured. we let him sleep only in his deiper and only a sheet and he still kicks that off and sweats sometimes so bad the bed is wet. Iam concerned that this may be a sign of something wrong. Any imput would be appreciated.

Thank you


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DD was very hot natured, and rarely slept covered up. I always put her in a loose nightgown to sleep in, and to this day, she's 7 and nothing has changed. Even in the winter, she can't sleep in a long sleeved PJ or wear socks to bed.

She tends to have a little sweat attack about an hour after she falls asleep. She has no health problems - she's just hot-natured.

That being said, just make sure there are no other symptoms, like excessive urination. The sweating along with excessive urination can be a symptom of things like diabetes, and is worth calling the pediatrician about.

This time of year also, the heat can be a problem. Make sure he is well hydrated. A good indicator is the color of his urine - it should be pale yellow. If his urine is very dark yellow, he's definitely not well hydrated, and needs more water to drink.

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Just my two cents...I would talk to your pediatrician regardless of hydration, urination, or anything else. Excessive sweating alone is enough to warrant talking to the doctor. It's probably nothing to be concerned about, but the doctor would definitely want to hear about it. I learned this in another forum where a woman talked about her daughter who got night sweats. The doctor ordered tests for thyroid problems and other things. Never hesitate to ask questions...that's part of why doctors make big $$$.

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please let you doctor know if anything with your child is out of the norm. I have a newly one year old and since birth he sweats excessivly when theres no need. the bed soaks and he goes through clotheslike a wet diaper.It also isnt all the time but its enough to be concerned. I asked everyone (doctors, other moms) i looked on the web. until he turned one i found out he has Neuroblastoma a tumor near his adrenal gland. i found out one he one year old check up because the doctors felt a lump that they thought was a swollwn kidney. (the same doctors that wasnt to concerned about his sweating) They ordered a ultrra sound and xray and they was sure it was a tumor. He then go a ct-scan and confirmed a tumor which they had to sadate him for. Please Please dont take sweating, a racy heart, unexplained non weight gain lightly. If your doctors dont think its a concern push then to satisfy for mind. get a xray a ultra sound if they wont go to a clinic, get help to pay for it. tumors are cancerous and deadly. please.

Here is a link that might be useful: heres information on it a the best hospital in florida.

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