Post partum depression Solutions?

marge727August 19, 2008

My DIL is having serious post partum depression problems. Baby is 5 weeks old; DIL is getting counseling and medical treatment. What else can be done? Does this get better after a period of time? If its a problem you had--what helped you the most? They don't live in the same state as the rest of the family so its a long trip to go out and help, altho we are doing that. She is a wonderful person and they were married several years prior to the baby's birth. My son does a lot of the babycare.

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Ive not not had partum depression myself(we call it post natal)but my closest friend had it really bad,her husband was fab too,she too took counseling and medication,thought at first it wasnt helping,it takes a while for the medication to work at least two weeks.but if she still doesnt feel any better she might need a different medication.also no caffein and alchohol,and smokin they a big contribute to depresion.she wont feel like it it with such a young child but exercise,just waliking is great to boost you.
personally i think its a hormonal thing and hopefully does get better with time and more sleep.

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My best friend had it pretty bad.

Generally, the husband really needs to step up to bat (which it sounds like he is doing). Personally I think a lot of the baby blues can be contributed to lack of sleep. I think that, in and of itself, can throw off hormones and contribute to mood problems. Add baby hormonal changes to the mix and you can have a big problem. I suggest she really try to get some good sleep. Even hire a nurse or someone to help out so she can get some needed sleep.

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A good friend had bad post partum depression years ago. In fact, it developed into bipolar depression. After both of her babies, she was eventually hospitalized for the bipolar. It took months for her to get over it.

Those hormone levels fluctuating wildly and the exhaustion do a real number on some moms. How wonderful that you will be available to help. We all wish your DIL the best of everything. She must be frightened at what she is going through.

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