Potty training help, please!

cherilynnJuly 28, 2006

Hi there. I'm a long-time reader and first time poster with a potty training question. My husband and I have been working since April with our three-and-a-half year old, Justin, trying to get him trained. In the beginning, Justin was cooperative and would go to the potty with very few accidents. Lately, however, he has started to become less reliable in the potty area. It's not that he doesn't know he has to go. He'll often tell me that he has to go, and then do #1 or #2 right in his Pull Up. Also, he's started to ask for baby diapers again instead of his training pants. I don't know where this regression is coming from, and I was hoping that if some of you had experienced this with your own kids you could help me out with some tips.

Thanks in advance.


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OLD mom here, and I have to say that although there is some great points to pull-ups, there is something to be said for good old underwear, let yourself FEEL wet and that feeling is NOT comfortable, and if we don't like that feeling, we don't do it.

If there has been a major change in his life (new baby coming, new daycare, pre-school, moving, etc) they will want to regress. But if you are firm, no Diapers are for babies, (or babies that can't walk and you can walk..etc) and be insistant. NO diapers. Rewards for going potty in the potty chair. Get a star chart going. For every 10 stars (helps with counting) a SMALL reward/toy (Like the party favor type toys, NOT a $10-$20 toy) you'll be pleasently surprised how well they respond to rewards. AND if pooping is a bigger problem (and it often is) maybe that reward can be earned more often.


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Don't worry! Kids regress! Potty training like all other milestones are related to developmental ability, and each child is different. I will copy the link to Dr. Sears (this link is for potty training), you might find it useful!! I hope their information helps. Look through topics and choose the appropriate link. Good luck!

(I've mentioned the Dr. Sears link before because so many topics are addressed there. I found it to be helpful for many issues).

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr. Sears/Potty Training

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I wonder why babies didn't dirty their "pull-ups" 40 years ago? I wonder that your great grandparents didn't have trouble with 3 and 4 year old kids messing in their pants?
We have enabled kids to not bother to use the toilet by making it neat, clean and comfortable to just pee or poop whenever the urge happens.
Take all pants off that child and watch how fast he figures out where to go.
In 3rd world countries, where toddlers don't have the luxury of disposable panties, and where every house doesn't have a washer and drier, children of 3 and 4 don't soil their clothes.
Linda C

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Hi first time poster and first time on this site. I have a daughter who is about to turn 3 in September and i have done everything imaginable to try and get my daughter to poop on the potty she pees on the potty even sometimes sleeps when she naps in her panties without peeing in them i just dont know what to do anymore i have tried suprises, candy, trips, tricks, and even bribes..... HELP!!

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That is a common problem even at that age, though many people won't admit it. There is a cute book called Wheres the Poop? It's actually a lift the flap book that talks about animals and where they poop and at the end has a boy who pooped in the toilet. Sounds really goofy but my son really responds to books and we were dealing with constipation and holding issues when I got it. He calls it the okay to poop book. It did wonders with him.
YOu really have to figure out if she's just uncomfortable pooping in the toilet, if she just can't figure out what point she needs to go to the bathroom, or if it's a control issuew thing and work on those things. Does she wear pullups? If she's dry put her in nice underwear and keep her in them all the time. My son was devistated when he pooped on thomas one day.
Most of all just take a deep breath and realize the harder you push the harder she will push back.

Here is a link that might be useful: My favorite bathroom book

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My daughter was potty trained at 22 months, and not because I forced the issue either. Once she got to where she could let us know that she had to go, and she was sitting on the potty with her clothes on, we moved the potty to the living room and took off all of her clothes. She ran to the potty when she had to go. We rewarded her with mini M&M's (only one). She never got candy, so that was a real treat for her. From that day on, she always wore panties because I'd been told not to use pull-ups for the reasons stated above. I think she had maybe 3 accidents in the following month. If we went out of the house, I also didn't use pull-ups. I put a plastic liner over regular panties, and I had a change of clothes of course. Also, the car seat was a big concern because mine is a pain to clean, so I'd lay a waterproof pad in it before I put her in it. Anytime she said she had to potty, we ran to the bathroom no matter how inconvenient it was. I remember going into some store bathrooms 4 times before getting out of the store. I think she just liked to see new bathrooms.

Poop-This was a problem for about 2 weeks because she had trouble with constipation from the time she was an infant. She didn't like to poop, and she tried not to. She must have thought it's hurt worse on the potty because she would ask for a diaper when she had to poop. I gave in for the first few days, but then I decided that if she knew she had to poop, then there must be a reason that she wouldn't. I figured she was scared. I still had to put her in diapers for naps and bedtime, and she would actually wait for those times to poop. She would also wait until she woke up, so she didn't have to sleep in it. I wouldn't rush to change her when she did. I'd try to wait 10-15 minutes. When I did change her, I'd let her flush the poop down the toilet. We'd say bye-bye to it. I'd always tell her that the potty was where she should do that, and that if she did, we'd do a really special dance called the potty dance, but she couldn't see what it was until she pooped on the potty. I also told her that she'd get two big cookies if she pooped on the potty. She never got cookies either except from Grandma, so this was exciting to her as well. One day (within the two weeks from starting to wear panties), she went to the bathroom and pooped. We danced and had cookies! Also, anytime before that when she would pee on the potty, I'd try to get her to poop by telling her to push way down in her back. I had a friend tell me that. I think some kids know that they have to poop, but they can't figure out how to make it come out on the potty, but rather they wait until it is on it's way, and then can't make it.

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Hi I have a 6yr old and a 3yr old and this worked for both.
They are both January babies so they were both about to turn 3.
We told them that Santa Claus wouldnÂt bring them any presents if they didnÂt use the potty all the time.
It worked they were both trained by the end of November.

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