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superbeeJuly 27, 2003


Does anyone have a good recommendation for a book that tells you how to get your toddler to sleep through the night? DS's sleep pattern is rather erratic, he wakes up at least twice during the night and hasn't slept through the night even once since he was probably 9 months old - that was 7 months ago :-(

THanks much in advance,


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Don't know of a book, but when my dr. recommended the Ferber method--not letting them cry it out, but not giving in either. Wait 5 minutes before going in, the next time wait 10, etc. until it just isn't worth the child's effort. I'm sure if you looked up Ferber on the web, you'd get lots of info. It suited my parenting style, too--lovingly consistent, letting a child know they can "count" on me, but trying not to be manipulated, etc. It seemed good middle ground stuff and it worked. I started having a problem around 9 months, too, during cold and flu season. What started out as sympathy on my part ended up as routine for DD--several wake-ups with mommy running in. Within a week, the Ferber method greatly improved everyone's sleep. She's now 2.5 and I have had to go back to it occasionally (after a vacation, illness etc.) but it's not taken more than 2 nights to get her "back on track"--with the exceptions of nightmares, of course, which do require cuddles.

Good luck and hope you get some rest.

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Thanks much. I found a lot of information on the Ferber method at Will read the info and then give it a try.

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