Body Trembling

netshoundJuly 1, 2006

My toddler is 2 1/2. When she was startled awake the other day during her nap she got real shaky. It took her about 10 minutes for it to stop. She was'nt crying or sweaty or running a fever. She did this another time when she was an infant. Does anyone know what could be causing this? The sitter went to check in on her because she heard her start to cry and she rubbed her back and I think it woke her up when she was'nt ready. Has anyone ever heard of this trembling?

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Was she scared? Sometimes when I'm awakened out of a dream, it takes me a few minutes to adjust.

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This has also happened a few times to my daughter after a nap. I'm not to worried about it,I think its normal, but if you are worried talk to your doctor the next time you see them.

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I've seen my 18 month old have the shudders every now and then beginning from newborn state. A few times I noticed it coincided with her urinating so I have been guessing that she shudders when relieving the bladder.

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