Remove crayon from desk

carla35July 13, 2008

I have one of those kid's plastic little tikes type desks that I wanted to give away but it's covered with crayon marks. I'd kinda like to get it clean before I give it away. I tried goo gone and magic earasers... which only helped a little and would require more time than I would want to spend.

Does anyone have any ideas how to remove all the crayon marks that wouldn't involved spending $10 on cleaning supplies or 2 hours on scrubbing? Thanks.

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Magic eraser usually works pretty well without a lot of elbow grease.

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It won't do the finish of the plastic any good....but if all you want is clean, comet or another scouring powder should work.
Or just plain old paint thinner should do it as well....should just dissolve the wax.
Linda C

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I used WD-40 on our Little Tikes picnic table. It took some of the crayon off.

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Try some mineral spirits or lighter fluid. It removes lots of stuff without damaging the surface.

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Oh, thanks guys, I forgot I posted this. I'll give the suggestions a try. I did get the million small stickers off a few weeks ago! Hopefully, something will work on the crayon marks without too much work.

Thanks again.

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As a tip to any NEW parents reading this: Make sure you use name brand such as Crayola. Their paints, crayons, etc wash off walls, furniture and clothing much more readily than other brans (Roseart is one of the WORST to get off walls and woodwork).

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Remember crayon is just wax. Try taking an old towel or piece of fabric, place it on top of the crayon marks and iron. The iron will melt the wax down and it should stick the fabric. I'm not sure if this will work on a bumpy surface though :/

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