Potty Training

butterflymommy4July 5, 2006

My Three year old has gone in the potty once or twice so he knows how....thin g is he seems to always wait until he has pooped or peed before he lets us know he needs to go!!! So what do I need to do to stop that??? Also my two year old is fasinated by the idea but he just won't seem to train! Help!

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I bribed my boys to get them to potty train. I tried reading to them on the potty, but that turned into marathon reading sessions because the kids figured out how to get mom to read more books. Next, it was candy or some other prize. We had some success there. For final training, we moved up to McDonalds or some other special treat. My threat of not letting my child have a third birthday worked for my first child, but not the second.

I'm potty training my little girl right now. Her motivation is McDonalds because I've been using the two boys to help show her what to do. Peer pressure works.

Also, I've had some success with using 'special' potties. For instance, the kid who won't poop on the potty at home will use the potty at Wal-Mart, dad's work, or some other 'fun' place. We just got back from a week long camping trip. My 2 1/2 yo daughter has used the potty for the past two weeks because she was able to use the fun camper potty. The camper potty is also what helped my middle child to finally become fully potty trained.

Good luck. I've had two kids at a time in diapers and it's not fun.

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For getting boys to be interested in peeing in the toilet, try Tinkle Targets. They are tiny tissue squares with a target painted on them. Mom drops one or two onto the top of the water in the toilet, and son sinks the target. Some gals make their own targets just by tearing inch pieces of toilet paper and dropping them in the toilet. Of course, if you have any rubber stamps, you could make wonderful designs. I don't know if they still sell Tinkle Targets, but you can always make your own.

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Cheerios are great targets for boys!!!

Treat for going potty is good (Gold stars are the best treats!!) and a star chart, with a "special treat" after say 3-5 gold stars...i.e. miniature candy bar or some other "approved" treat for your house....and an even better treat for pooping!!!

Good luck..remember boys are a little harder to train than girls..girls pee by tightening a muscle, easy to do really. Boys pee by relaxing a muscle, not so easy, think of lamaze and how hard it was to learn to relax those muscles!!!

Remember, unless there are extenuating circumstances, no boy has ever graduated in diapers, he (they) will be potty trained!!!


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I trained my kids by asking them by moeling first. I had a potty chair in the bathroom for them and they would just come and copy me. I started pretty young. Then I talked to them aobut how diapers would not be around forever. One day there will be no more diapers. We also picked out cool underware. I waited for the underware untill they were interested in it and asked for it. Once htat happened they seemed to do it on thier own.
My son was trained at slightly over two by accicident. We had been talkign about diapers being all gone and my husband could not find diapers one morning when I was gone. He said I think the diapers are all gone, so my son grabbed a pair of underwear and just did it.
He did struggle a little but it was never a power struggle between us he was not having accidents wihtin a couple days. To get him to sit long enought to go I put up a piece of paper next to the toilet and gave him a ton of stickers and jsut let him stick htem on the paper. Think of things like htat your child will like to sit and do for a little bit.
Also remember every child is different, you need to read your child and take thier cues.

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