Primed wet wood... Advice anyone?

jarofdirtAugust 28, 2014

As the topic states, I primed treated wet 1x4s with kilz2 water based primer they were dry on the surface but apparently soaked inside. I allowed 1-2 hours of dry time in between coats then let it dry for 5 hours before stacking it up in the garage to avoid rain,. In spots it did not stick but it isn't dry enough to scrape off either, I need the most effective way to fix it. Would it be best to let the wood dry out fully, scrape what didn't stick then repaint or should I just take it all off by either scraping or via chemical stripper and will stripping work when it hasn't cured yet?
Are there any other options I'm not thinking of?

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The wood has to be dry - throughout.

You sealed in the moisture.

Even though it's dry on the surface, the moisture will migrate to the surface. Paint doesn't stick well to water.

How much wood are we talking about? Maybe worth just buying new.

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Primer is going to allow the wood to dry on its own, albeit slower than bare wood. Primer does not form as impermeable a vapor barrier as, say, oil enamel. To help drying along, scuff sand with really coarse sandpaper. You may want to get a small moisture meter. You may eventually need more/finer sanding to deal with the scuff sanding tracks.

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