bottle to sippy cup?

momma2bJuly 1, 2008

I may be jumping the gun between the infants and toddlers forumns. I have a 10mo daughter,and I'm trying to wean her from the bottle to the cup. When she was about 8-9 months, she started doing fairly well with the sippy, then after that absolutely refuses them. I don't want to not feed her if she's hungry, but I also don't automatically give up and pour the cup into the bottle. I let her cry it out for a while sometimes or end up with solids instead, but then I worry she's not getting enough formula (which her doctor stated he was concerned about before we were even having these problems).

Does anyone have any advice on what to do, not to do, or any tricks that worked for your kids?

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My son is 24 months and has always refused the sippy cup. We tried several times and he just won't us it. He can but he won't. He's now old enough to drink from a regular open plastic cup when possible (at the table). I figured his health was more important than what type of container he drinks from so I let him continue to drink from his bottle when we were out and about. We've also had luck with the closed cups and straws but there not as spill proof as sippy cups. Good luck! I hope you have better luck than we did!

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What's the deal with sippy cups?

I went straight from bottle to regular cup with both my boys, and even DS#2, who had very poor fine motor skills, managed the transition very well. Just small sips, at the table, with a parent's hands helping at first... Later on, I'd ask them if they wanted a "baby bottle" or a "big boy cup" and that eased the transition also.

I see so many kids dragging leaky sippy cups wherever they go. Can't be a good habit...

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Considering it is recommended you keep babies on breastmilk or formula until they are 12 months of age, I would wait two more months. My daughter was very upset at giving up the bottle and moving on to sippy cups. I tried it slowly, but found that quickly was much more effective. I gave her a bottle with water and a sippy cup with milk and let her make the decision. Within one day, she was off the bottle and onto sippy cups!! And sorry Sweeby, but I love the ease of sippy cups. She has the freedom to have a drink when she likes, and I don't have the mess. And fortunately there is not leaky milk all over the place!!! Good luck! Christy :)

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Put formula in the cup. My DDs mother-in-law got our 12 month old to drink from a plastic cup that has a lid and a straw. They sell them at WalMart, and they are great. You get 4 in a package. They don't tend to leak much, although at 18 months now, he is learning to shake it upside down to get spurts from it. He picked up how to use it over a few days' visit.

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Thanks, Christy!! Giving him the option of a bottle of water or a sippy cup of juice worked!! As I said before my son is 24 months old and he wasn't thrilled about it but he wanted the juice more than his bottle. Thanks for that suggestion!

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I'm glad it worked!!!! Now get rid of those bottles :) I'd love to take credit for the idea, but that is what my mother suggested to me. Good luck! Christy

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