Shower Registry.. What would you change?

mofinskiJuly 20, 2006

I am just curious, if you could register all over again now that you've had your baby, what things would you add and what did you get that you didn't need?

I would have registered for a million diapers in all different sizes and a convertable carseat because my son is growing WAY faster than anticipated.

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It is considered very rude to "register" for things for a shower. It's like saying "Have a party for me and these are the gifts I want you to bring."
What's next? Kids registering for graduationb gifts?
Linda C

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I never heard it was rude to register for things for showers. I thought it was just rude to put where you are registered on the invitation.

Registries have been around else will someone know what china pattern you picked, or what color towel you prefer? How will people know if you are breast or bottle feeding, etc. You don't have to use them, but registries are made to be helpful.

Personally, I wouldn't have registered for so much newborn clothes or the expensive bedding especially since nowadays so many docs are saying not to use the comforter at all and to only use the bumper pads for a couple you're paying really big bucks for a sheet. I think there is a lot of waste with decorating a room too.

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I love registries. As of late, all of my friends are getting married or having babies. I can shop for things I'd think they'd want, but I'd rather get them something that THEY want! It's like writing a Christmas List. My father in law tells us every year, NO LIST, NO PRESENTS!!!

Hehe, he's a character :) Christy

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I hate them, I think they make the person seem grasping and greedy. What would I change, I'd do away with them entirely.

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