3 yr old daughter - won't stay in bed

muffinsmomJuly 9, 2007

My daughter is great throughout the day. She is active, healthy etc. When I go to put her bed at 8pm she will not stay in it. She pops right out. We have the same routine every night - sit on Mommy and Daddy's bed, then we go to Olivia's bed. if she does not want to go she just gets down and runs away. She is very quick. We recently switched from a 7pm bedtime to 8pm. When she is popping out of bed she is laughing and having a grand ole time. when i yell GET IN BED - she laughs harder. she is pushing me over the edge. I do not believe in hitting, but i really wanted to swat her behind last night. any ideas, help, etc. would be appreciated.

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1. Put her to bed as using normal bed time routine.

2. When she gets up out of bed, tell her, "No, it's bed time", and put her back to bed.

3. When she gets up, tell her "Bed time" put her back to bed.

4. When she gets up...just put her back to bed. Repeat step 4 until she goes to sleep. SHE WILL GO TO SLEEP EVENTUALLY.
You may have to repeat step 4 for a couple of hours. Do not let her wear you down or it will take even longer.

Here is where you have to be more stubborn than her. You see, what she has learned in that short period of time is that "If I make a big enough fuss, Mom and Dad will give in to me, I will get my way".

To show you that this will work, keep a journal. On night #1 write down what time you started, make a tick mark for every time you put him back to bed, and write down the time she fell asleep. Repeat nightly until you can just put her to bed and she stays there (remember, it doesn't matter if she falls asleep right away, really it matters that she stays in bed quietly, she can talk and sing to herself as much as she wants until she falls asleep..no books or movies, just her and her favorite sleeping toy). The reason to do this is when you're frustrated on day 3 or 4, you will see that it really is taking less time than it did on day one. Usually by day 3 or 4 they are good to go, but it may take 2 weeks..but it is only 2 weeks then you will have her sleeping fine!!! Serioulsly 2 weeks MAX!!!


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In addition to what Vickey says...I would let her know in no uncertain terms that she is acting like a Bad Girl and laughing at your directions will get her into big trouble.
My son did that for a time....and I solved the problem by letting him get up...but he couldn't read a book nor watch TV, he had to sit in a chair, no one talked to him or even looked at him....and eventually he would get back in bed.
Soon he learned it was better to go to bed than sit in a chair with his back to the TV.
Linda C

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