Eggshell over satin

mdodAugust 2, 2010

I am in the middle of painting the kitchen and nook with BM Aura. I tore down wallpaper, put Gardz over everything, patched and skim coated the walls, primed and now I'm painting. I got satin sheen because it's the kitchen but, even after the skim coat, there's lots of defects that are accentuated by the satin finish. I've got most of the walls cut in and about half of the walls painted. Now I'm wondering if it would be worth it to change to eggshell. Can I do that midstream? It looks like there are some places that I'd need to do a second coat (or at least patch anyway) but I'm worried about that turning into 3 coats because of the difference in sheen.

Would eggshell make a significant difference in appearance? If so, should I go ahead and finish up full coat with the stain and then do eggshell for the second coat or can I switch over mid job and save myself some work?

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Except for trim, I use eggshell on everything. Well, I use flat on ceilings only. Anyway, eggshell will certainly look duller, but it won't accentuate every tiny defect in he wall either. You should be able to paint right over the satin as long as there are two good coats everywhere. I've heard some bozos say you shouldn't do that or it'll peel, but they obviously falsely assume that satin = oil based and eggshell = latex. Wrong! A latex eggshell can be applied right over a latex satin. If you're not fully convinced, then put a coat of primer over everything and then apply your latex.

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If you are ready to switch finishes and repaint, go with Aura Matte for walls. With Aura, there is no need to go with higher sheen to get durability. Since it does have some angular sheen, I would suggest a flat finish for the ceilings.

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I had to decide fast so I talked to the people at Benjamin Moore. They were wishy washy about switching finishes midstream and I already had the satin paint so I went ahead and did one coat with that and then did the second coat in matte. It looks orders of magnitude better. There are a couple of places near the trim where a little sheen shows through but that should come up with touch up. I haven't done it yet but they say touch ups won;t show with the Aura.

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