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crazydyz8July 5, 2009

My daughter is about 20.5 months old. It has become apparent that it is time to move her into a regular bed. She kicks and plays hard enough in the crib to loosen the screws. Plus twice in the last two days she has played hard enough to knock the drop side down and climb out of bed. We are going to be putting her in a full size bed because he have no other choices at the moment. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations on this transition?

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DD just did the transfer from the crib this week with great success for her 2 1/2 year old. She took my suggestion to place the mattress on the floor. That assures you that if the baby falls out of bed, he or she won't have far to fall.

Their son watched them as they dismantled the crib and set up the mattress. He goes to bed after some rocking and singing with no fuss. The change to a big bed has made no difference.

I suspect that this is a miracle!

I suggest putting the mattress on the floor for a few months. If your child gets up to roam the house after putting her down, be inflexible in taking her right back to bed, as many times as it takes.

I also would turn the top sheet sideways so that I had lots of sheet to tuck into each side of the mattress. That helped hold the child on top of the mattress too. DD is not using a top sheet as her son gets too warm, and so she is letting him bring one of his baby blankets with him to bed, which he just snuggles with since it is summer.

Good luck. And buy a waterproof matress protector.

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