Wal-Mart ColorPlace?

aclaAugust 29, 2007

Does anyone know anything about ColorPlace paint from Wal-Mart? I am reading mixed reviews about it. I have heard that it is made by Sherwin Williams. I like ColorPlace Antique White (my parents have it in their house) but I'm not sure about the quality of the paint. I am looking for a very light neutral paint color that has a very slight hint of a creamy undertone. Anyone have any ideas?

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At least one person in the Decorating Forum has posted about using ColorPlace paint, but I can't remember any details. I have used Kilz Casual Colors, which is also sold by Wal-Mart, and I find it very difficult to buy paint there - most of the time there is no one in the paint department, and their colorant dispensing is not computerized, so it may not be as consistent as it could be.

Keep in mind that what company manufactures a paint has very little to do with the quality of the paint - they can make it to any specification or price point. Even in Sherwin-Williams stores you will find several grades of paint.

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We used Walmart ColorPlace and found the paint to be of excellent quality and the colors were plentiful. I had a sister who painted her brand new house in nothing but ColorPlace paint. She then came and painted for me. I would purchase ColorPlace again as I am looking to repaint a house.

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I started painting my pier with Color Place Paint that was pre-mixed from Wal-Mart and went back to buy somemore and they down sized now and are not selling it. Does anyone know where I could buy some Tile Red-Porch and Dock paint?
Are where Wal-Mart might be holding all the Tile Red paint they took off the shelfs ?

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I am looking for the Tile Red Porch and Dock paint number 4642. Can any one help me?

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I read this forum last night and saw good and bad things about Colorplace paint from Walmart. I have used lots of the higher end paints and painted all kids of things including exteriors. My favorite paint as far as price and quality has been the Kilz paints at Walmart. Unfortunately the Walmart stores here no longer carry it. I went to Walmart to pick out a color and the only color I could find for what I needed was in the Colorplace colors. I asked the nice man mixing paint if he could mix it into the Better Homes and Gardens paint thinking that it would be better. He assured me that he used Colorplace in his own home and had gotten good feedback from returning customers. I had also had a previous co-worker that recommended it but at that time I was a little snotty about paint and refused to try it. Nowadays, I am into saving as much cash as possible and the Colorplace paint was only $10.97 so I figured, what the heck, and I bought it.

Let me just say that I am super picky about how my house looks. I am a huge perfectionist and can't stand a sloppy paint job! I just painted the living room with the Colorplace and I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with the results!!! It went on easy with the brush as well as with the roller. It was a little bit thinner than other paints that I have used but I was very careful not to get to much on the brush/roller and not to let it drip.

I have found that with painting you need to take your time and be very careful. Don't paint if you are in a big hurry because you are likely to try to go fast and slop it everywhere. The only issue I had with this experience is that even though I was very meticulous with my trim taping, some paint still bled through but I suspect that it was due to the texture of the trim and not the paint or my application. I did not have this problem on the baseboards or ceiling so I think it was the ridges of the wood around the doors and windows that allowed the paint to bleed under the tape. Besides that little setback, I could not be happier and I will definitely used this paint again.

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all the Walmart Kilz line was purchased by Fred Meyer, at least here in the Pac NW. I emailed Kilz directly and that is what they said. Walm*rt wanted them to come down another $2.18 a gallon, and they said they couldn't, so Walmart let the distributorship go. (I verified that too elsewhere).

I have used the Colorplace and it now doesn't have the same compound ratio as other Sh.Wms products, has a bit less solids in it, so it is less price at Walmart, so depending on the condition of the item you are painting, you may not get good lasting results.

Don't go for big dollar paints. I have painted over 8,000 homes and over 4,000 other items (tractors, barns, metal buildings, decks, etc.) I now have been using Flood Porch and deck solid stain from Walmart and also the Glidden, Walmart. Both have been exceptional in quality. Actually I was using both of those before Walmart started carrying them, I wrote the cos. and they said the now-Walmart Glidden and Flood are the same compound ratio I was buying prior to them getting these paint lines.

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Used colorplace paint from walmart on the whole exterior of my home and it covered very well and looked great with just 1 coat applied so when the second coat was put on there was hardly a noticeable difference. Anyone griping about paint peeling needs to prep the surface before painting and make sure you prime everything. Check compatibility as in if you're not priming make sure you're not painting over oil based paints with latex paint or visa versa. The #1 thing in painting is the prep before hand.

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Bought a gallon of semi-gloss paint from Walmart in the clearance section, as it was a mistint paint. Not the color I wanted but it was a smaller room in the house so I figured it would be enough. Well, the first thing I noticed was that the paint was thinner than the gallon of semi-gloss Glidden paint I previously bought for another room. Just like anything else you get what you pay for. While I had enough for the room it was JUST enough. It's a darker color going over a lighter color so I expected a little better coverage but with it being thinner it just didn't cover.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

A well prepared wall, smooth, clean and dust free, when painted with professional tools and skills, with two full coats of just about any paint, will look pretty much like any other professional job.

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Good paint and good service doesn't cost that much more. Go to a real store and buy BM or Sherwin williams. You'll actually get people who know what they're doing and avoid Walmart which is always a bonus.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

There are many SW and BM stores that offer very little help. And sometimes the DIY guy/gal is better off gathering their own info than asking and receiving the wrong info at BM/SW stores.

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