Another Potty Training Question

adellabedella_usaJuly 12, 2002

Does anyone else have a child who refuses to poop in the potty because it's "ucky"? About 1.5 months ago my 2 yo (26 months) decided to start using the potty on his own. That was great, but now he refuses to sit there and always tells me it's "ucky". The other day he pooped in his pull-ups and had a leak. He was gagging to the point that he almost threw up. Does anyone have any solutions?

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I think that usually that's the case with potty training kids. Everyone we know has talked about how difficult it was to get their child to sit on the potty and poop. The children just don't want to sit for that long or they just feel it is easier to go in their pants and have you change them. What was that I read awhile ago...that toddlers often get to a point where they don't understand why they have to change the system. It worked for how long to just go in their pants and have whoever change them and they don't understand why they can't do that anymore.

I guess you could try finding those books about kids going to the potty or a movie and keep showing that to your son. Or you could always invite him in the bathroom while you're going or something and show him it's normal and that Mommy and Daddy do it? I know that may seem gross to some but figure they tell father's to show their son's that they stand up to pee to get them into doing it. But honestly it may just not be time for your son to start being fully potty trained. I've read a lot that they may be all excited about it for a few weeks and then regress back to not going at all for a while.

Guess I'm VERY lucky, though. DS started pooping in the potty first and it's been about 4 months since I've had to clean a pull-up or diaper! Now if we could just get him to be much more consistant with peeing in the potty...


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If you are really meaning using a potty. I suggest that you get a seat that fits on the toilet.

One of my earliest memories was having to poop in the potty. It was soooooo horrible to me that I would refuse to do anything. However, if I was allowed to use the toilet, where I couldn't see or smell it, I was OK. And yes, I remember gagging. And I did have "accidents" even though I was trained. Smells have always bothered me a great deal. Raising my babies was one long gag. And I refused to change my grandchilren if there was anyone else aroung. It was a family joke, that either you cleaned up yourself or you watched mama throw up.

A child that age doesn't realize that sooner or later his bowels will move. He thinks that maybe it will never happen again if he just waits long enough. this is one smell that really bothers some people worse than others.

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I used these little cushiony seats that sit right on the big potty. I got one at Target. I also let DD pick it out so she'd feel some control over the situation. Books helped - I kept a selection in there for her. The flushable wipies also help make it a more palatable experience for all. During training, she was also more comfortable if the fan was on (she saw mommy use the fan and wanted to use it, also). The only problems we ran into was when we were out, 1) no cool insert for the seat and 2) no fan.

We had #2 accidents off and on for about 6 months, and then boom, she was 100%.

By the way, the old wives tail about leaving them in underwear and if they have an accident, they'll hate the feeling and start to use the potty? Didn't work with my kid. She just walked around with the mess there. Every kid is different, sigh.

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We had that problem with my son. We just went right back to diapers. Diapers are easier to change than it is to clean up messy pants and carpets and so on. We did the book thing and the video thing and the showing how it is done thing and the talking thing. After a few months we just tried underpants again and it worked.

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Thanks everyone. DS is back to sitting on his potty again. He decided it on his own. He had a stomach virus Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I guess his pull-ups felt so bad that even he thought it was better sitting on the potty. We had a lot of accidents this week because of the virus, but DH and I got him on the potty when we could and rewarded him as usual. He is pretty proud of himself.

I'll keep some of the other ideas in mind for later though. Thanks again, Adella.

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