Help- birthday woes

apoemJuly 26, 2002

I have a three (on his birthday) son who has decided he wants a butterfly cake and wants a butterfly birthday for his party. He doesn't care about the presents so much as the cake and decorations and games and stuff.

Making the cake is no problem. I have directions for that and I"ll just let him put all the sprinkes and decorations he wants on it. That will make him happy.

Here is the problem- all the butterfly stuff I can find is very girlish. I am looking for some cheap decorating ideas and party favor ideas. I'd like some good indoor activities and outdoor activities.

Because the kids that are coming will be between the ages 3-4 we will do it outside where they can play on the playset. I have a picnic table out there and we'll serve cake out there. Assuming good weather of course. If it rains, we'll go inside.

I thought that either inside or outside I'd give the kids a coffee filter, a clothes pin and a fuzzy wire thing (can't remember the name right now for it) and let them make a butter fly by painting the coffee filter with water colors.

If it is inside I'll need a few more activities than if it were outside where they could play.

Any ideas?


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Hmmm...Can you do "A Bug's Life" theme, and satisfy his interest, go with the butterfly cake, and have non-girlish decorations?

I had the opposite, a daughter who wanted a cowboy party LOL

Next year, she wants a Barbie party, and I have to figure out how to make her male classmates feel included. Wow, sometimes our kids really throw us a curveball, don't they?

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I think you could incorporate some grasshoppers, ants, caterpillars, etc., to make it look more masculine. Instead of using flowers and pastel colors, IÂd go with leaves, greenery and primary colors. Try searching on bugs instead of butterflies. A lot of the ideas will work for either.

I like to go with the less is more idea. DonÂt go all out with butterflies, just use a few here and there for accents. IÂd include maybe the butterfly mobile (link below)and a few other decorations, but not use themed napkins, table cloth, plates, etc.

For favors, glue a butterfly on a little paper bag and fill with non-themed goodies .

I did a quick search and found a few items that I thought were interesting.

I thought this was kind of neat. Butterfly mobile:
(IÂd use construction paper or tissue paper instead of coloring.)

Butterfly in pot:

Birthday Party Ideas:

Other links I thought had good ideas:

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Thank you so much. This has helped a lot.
We went to the party store today and I let him pick out what he wanted for plates and stuff- it was butterfly and not bugs. Oh well. We'll have a cake and ice cream and I'm going to let the kids make a butterfly with coffee filters and water colors. I have about 4 kids coming so that will be easy enough. We'll do it outside where they can play and we'll let them do a pin the dot on the butterfly.


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