matching ceiling paint (patched-up holes)

bronxbillAugust 19, 2010

Ok everyone - need a little help - we took out 3 hooks from the ceiling and then looked around for the ceiling paint to just do the patches (we didn't have it) so I'm trying to just paint the patched-up ceiling holes - WITHOUT having to paint the complete ceiling. the only white paint we had was BM ceiling white which didn't match at all (we don't know what actual color white is on the wall) which is over 5 years old. I also tried to water down the BM to make it lighter but still darker then the original. any suggestion? the 3 holes are about 3X5"

(I also tried Linen white, Super white which didn't help)

Thanks much


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Watering down paint will not change the just makes it watered down, which could make it more drippy and it will cover worse. You could try white instead of the ceiling white, but it is going to be very hard to get touch ups on a ceiling to blend in without knowing the color. Even if you knew the exact paint, it's 5 years later, and ceilings are the hardest thing to touch up because that is where all the light goes.

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If your house is relatively new, say less than 10 years old, it's possible the paint on the ceiling is the original white paint the builder's paint contractor used.

Builders' painters typically use the same white paint on the ceiling as they do the walls, and they buy pre-mixed white. So that color may be on the walls in closets. Or if you know the brand of paint, get a sample of the ready mix white that the store sells.

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Thanks for the input- no it's an old house - we don't know the brands/actual white color used - Im going to run out & get some paint swatches from home depot, BM etc. maybe holding it up to the ceiling I can match it. or come real close to it. 3 small holes so maybe won't be so bad. Keep you posted.

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