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BetsyLJune 5, 2005

I posted this on the parents of infants site, but it doesn't really look like anyone has been there in a while. I was on the web about 2 1/2 years ago and on this one and some others and can't seem to remember the other ones. Can anyone help me in finding those great gals again? I would love to reconnect with some of them. I know some of you are probably on this site as well. Can you help me please????? I am desprately needing that good advice again. Thanks in advance-


mother to Hudson 3 and Shelby 1

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I don't know of any other sites, but I just wanted to let yuo know that I, too, was a little discouraged by no follow-ups on a question I had. I waited about a month before I got a follow-up on my question, but then it didn't really help.

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try www.babybargainsbook.com and go to the message boards. this has been my bible for information on EVERY subject regarding babies and toddlers.

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sorry this is so late....hope it still helps someone.

http://www.mothering.com/discussions/ is a great place.

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