I am NOT a Super-Mom!!

netshoundJune 10, 2006

I take my child to daycare because I work Full-Time. They always put these events on that I can't attend because I am working. That is the whole idea of daycare. I can have care for my child and still work. I get to as many as I can but it is impossible to go to them all. Some of the events they do are on Saturdays when the daycare is closed and my husband and I also work weekends. We are in the retail business. Thats our busiest time. They always want us to bring in snacks for things they are doing. I'm sorry but by the time I get home, get us fed, spend some time with my daughter before it's time to get her ready for bed a 8pm and myself ready for work the next day, does'nt leave an aweful long time at night to whip something up. Half the time I don't even remember to buy snacks to bring because I always have soo much other stuff on my mind! Sometimes I feel like the other parents who are the "super-parents" look down on my husband and I. I'm sorry but the only thing I care about is that my daughter is safe and taken care of when I'm not around and that she grows up to be a good human-being and kind-hearted to other people. Sometimes I feel these other parents are looking down thier noses at us. They make me feel like I love my child less. I don't know. Maybe I'm just having a bad day because I do have to miss alot and I see they don't. Thanks for letting me vent!!

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Few things/ideas here:

1. Buy don't make treats. Have that grocery list on the fridge and put the treat on the list (or always have one on hand so you can grab it in the mornign when you go SHOOT I NEED A TREAT TODAY..makes you look organized!!!

2. Outside looks are not what inside households are. The households that look perfect can have wife beaters and alcholoics in them.

3. Who cares what others think, it's what you feel about you child that counts!!! NEVER FORGET THIS ONE!!!

All of this comes from the mother that bought treats rarely if ever made them, had the "perfect family" from the outside, only my best friends knew about the struggles I had with drug abuse my daughter went through, etc. and finally learned to not care about what others thought (okay I always cared what my best friends thought, but they knew, and understood!!!)


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Thanks. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. I just sometimes think Parents read to many Parenting Magazines. I parent from the heart. I use my own judement, not what the so called "experts" say I should do with my child. I'm not trying to be the best, I know I'll make mistakes and in turn, that will teach my daughter that it's alright not to be perfect. Everyone is suppose to be diffrent or we would be a world of robots. I'm not a Stepford Wife even though it seems more and more women are striving for that.

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Maybe it's time to find a new day care. It seems like that one is not a good fit for you, or your daughter. It sounds more like a nursery school for the elite, especially since they are critical of your daughter's "attitude", and their expectations, that, despite your job, you'll be there when they summon you.

Maybe you can find a smaller, family day care would be better. You might be able to find one that nurtures her independent spirit.

Good luck

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I'd suggest another daycare too.

When my oldest child was 5 mo, his daycare wanted me to pay $10 and take a day off work so he could see "Big Bird on Ice." That was the last straw for me. I didn't like other things going on there. I pulled my child out on Monday and never went back to get his stuff.

The last daycare was a church school and daycare. THey asked for things like two bags of candy for the Harvest Festival and had various fundraisers. I had a two income household and only one child at that time. I didn't mind contributing a little if it meant that my child could have better care. The people always went out of their way for us. I tried to do what I could for them.

My point to all of this is that if this place isn't working for your family, find another place.

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