Possible eye problems

christy2828June 16, 2008

My 2 1/2 year old might be having eye problems? I've noticed lately that her eyes seem to be crossing. I'm not sure if the are both turning inward or just one. It is hard to 'see' it happen, I usually just notice it quickly and it is gone. I have an appointment scheduled with her doctor on Friday, just curious if anyone has gone through something like this and has any advice. I have not noticed her having trouble seeing things. Thanks :) Christy

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My son is four years old. We notice about a year or so ago that one of his eyes would just wander off, it would not go inward, but it would go outward. It was really hard to see it happen, usually only when he looked distances or was tired or really mad. We went to a specialist and they said he had external strabismus which basically involves the eye muscles not being strong enough, so the eyes don't focus on the same thing, and one wanders off.

He wore a eye patch on his "good eye" for awhile, trying to get the other eye stronger, but that did not help. Now he is losing vision in that particular eye because the muscles aren't exercising, so kind of a lack of use I guess. He is scheduled for surgery at the end of the month, surgery on both eyes because I guess both have it, but one is a bit stronger so you don't notice it. They say once the surgery is completed, the vision should correct itself.

So def take your daughter in, if they say it's nothing, get a second opinion, because we had to go to two different doctors before anyone wanted to do anything.

Good luck!

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Well, we finally got SCHEDULED for an eye appointment with the pediatric opthomologist. It is on November 5th. I'm still noticing eye crossing; can't believe it was this hard to get in. We're military in the DC area, so we were referred to Walter Reed (who has been on a waiting list since we started trying), and we are now scheduled at Bethesda. I'll post with any results. Thank you, Christy

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