Long Car Trips

dussttyJune 28, 2007

You know how kids are on long trips.

I found that taking listen and read books the you can get off the web or department store , not only pass the time but the kids improve their reading. Just pop the CD in and hand them the book and get a little peace on the trip. It works wonders while you drive.

Happy Driving.

Anyone with other ideas???

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dusstty, I like that idea, and I have a pretty long car trip coming up, I'll have to give it a whirl. During the summer my 5 year old DD and I sometimes count convertibles or red (blue, green whatever) cars. I usually have snacks and drinks for the longer car rides as well. I also try to pack a few "surprises" for the trip, like a mini doodle pad, or a few little toys. I don't have a portable DVD player, and I drive an older car, so we just have to do stuff the old fashioned way, like my parents did!!!

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