Are you kidding??!!

netshoundJune 10, 2006

I had to go to a Parent/Teacher conferance for my 2 year old in Daycare! Are you kidding?? I mean, don't get me wrong, I did'nt mind but she's 2!! They said she was a great kid and really funny but sometimes she showed some attitude...she's 2!! At this stage she's feeling things out, testing the waters. Is'nt that where the "terrible 2" stage comes from! I'd be worrying if she was'nt doing that! And we wonder why these kids feels so much pressure as young adults. Conferences for 2 year olds!! Whats next? If something was going on that was bad or she was a bully or a biter, than I can see having to have a meeting, but to say sometimes she has a little attitude when she does'nt want to do something?? She's 2!!!! OK, I've vented... Thanks!

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Don't ya feel a little better now!!! We all need to vent sometimes, otherwise I think we'll explode. I'm serious.


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That is sooo true!!! Between working, taking care of my daughter AND husband, and the household stuff, it gets CRAZY sometimes!!

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I am totally on the same page as you,I am a teacher and child care provider. Having a conference for 2yr.olds is not appropriate developmentally. What they need to do is turn the focus to what thay are doing for your 2yr. old. Then they could report how they obseve your child playing during the day. They could describe if HE/She enjoys interacting with the other children, calm or aggressive, verball, motor skills -enjoys fine or or groos motor activities, etc. You may want to look into a daycare that is developmentally focused.

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Our daycare had a parent teacher conference thing. It is very similar to what Gracie-2006 said. They showed a portfolio of my son's art projects and went over the physical and behavior skills they have observed (in relation to what is age appropriate).

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Well,at least they keep your child there with her 'attitude' My son was only 1 & the childcare didn't want him 2 continue going there because when they said 'no' he didn't listen. My 10 year old doesn't listen when I say no!lol

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