Urine stain / smell

mistietxJune 17, 2003

I posted this already on the cleaning forum, but though maybe some parents could help if their child had bed wetting problems. Sorry for the cross-post!

Help! I have my 4 kids staying with us from out of town for the month and the 5 y/o peed on my 2 month old sofa!! Is there any tried and true methods to getting rid of the stain/ smell?? We bought a warranty for the sofa for things such as this, but after reading the fine print today, it does not cover pet / human body fluids. I feel like crying......

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Clean immediately with a baby wipe. That alone seemed to deoderize for me. But if the smell is still there, mix baking soda and hot water in a spray bottle. Spray on, and blot off with a clean, white cloth.

Good luck!!!

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Use a product from the pet store called Nature's Miracal.....works like magic to remove urine stains....and odor.
Linda C

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Fabreeze did the business for me when the cat got shut in the bedroom one day and had the choice - either pee on the bed or explode. He chose to moisten my blankets.

If fabreeze can neutralise tomcat's pee, surely it can do the same for your predicament.

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Do the cushions come off? I have been know to disassemble to cushions and take them outside to hose them off. I even wash the covers in a very gentle wash cycle and hang dry. And use Nature's Miracle.

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Put 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the cushion and set it outside, not in direct sunlight, or you'll bleach the fabric!

I cloth diaper, and this is how I get the smell out of my diaper pail!!

It cuts the urine smell! This works in the bathroom as well if you have a little boy who 'misses', or a hubby who does!!!! HAHA!


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Hi I have had similar issues and i swear by this site as it covered most of my needs. I tried fabreeze without any luck although it made the area smell nice for a short time :0
I find detergents don't do it for me so we must have strong urine LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: urine stains

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