Babysitting Age

carla35June 22, 2007

I wonder what age do you think it is ok for older kids to start babysitting? Granted, I know maturity level and ages of the kids being looked after should come into play, but generally, what is the age nowadays that kids start to babysit?

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That depends....on where the childred to be watched live, the time of day, the ages of the children sitting and being watched.
My daughter sat for the month old infant next door, when I was home at age 10. She "sat for" the neighbor across the street's 3 year old when she was 8. She played with the 3 year old so the mother could do ironing or sewing or other things, and the mother paid her $.25 an hour. It was good for everyone. For the mother as she got stuff done without her child whining, for me because my daughter wasn't fighting with her brother, for my daughter as she got to feel useful and earned a little money and for the 3 year old because she had the undivided attention of a "big girl" to play dolls with.
But I wouldn't want a babysitting situation when a 12 year old was watching 3 younger kids across town when the parents were going to be 50 miles away and not returning until 2 AM.
As I said, it depends.
Linda C

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I know it depends, (a one hour thing is a lot different than a weekend away) but I remember our church having a list they put out and the kids would wait until a certain age (like 13) until they could add their names to the list as a possible babysitter.

I would bet there are church/school type listings, etc. out there today that list neighborhood babysitters. I guess I just wondered what age the kids are nowadays when they start to put their names on those type of babysitting lists and when they generally start babysitting?

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I think girls can start babysitting when they're eleven. At that age most girls are realy mature. Younger girls (11 or so) can relate to the kids more. They are at the age that they are able to have more responsibilities and can handle them as well. Children under eleven aren't mature enough, most of the time, and sometimes need babysitters themselves.

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