Potty training....

organic_mariaJune 25, 2009

ok started potty training a while back. Got setback because one of the daycare workers left for one months and the other one didn't resume the training...so now i send him to daycare in his underwear.

Hes good, he holds it in...but refuses to go for the most part. Yesterday he peed finally on the toilet with alot of encouragement! But then had an accident... A BIG ONE...CAN WE SAY WATERFALL!!!!!! lol..i laughed but he was traumatized. He really didn't like getting wet like that and then my hubby told him, if you need to go, go to the toilet....

Does anyone have any suggestions on somehow making it fun for him to go and sit on the toilet. We have to carry him everytime an dmake him sit when i see the visual signs...like crossing his legs and he does the run aroudn panic run....He yells not to be there..and i just want it less stressful..we've tried bubble making...rewarding him with crackers helped the first time..but not the second....

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Put bits of paper or cheerios in the toilet and have him play "sink the ship"...if he's old enough to use the potty he's old enough to stand....and for little boys, that's a lot more fun!!
Maybe Daddy needs to teach him...
Linda C

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