What do you...............

JoAnn_FlaMarch 2, 2013

Love to do?
I was looking on face book and you see so many loves of life.... .......and I really don't have one, so can you share yours with me? Maybe I'll get a idea from yours.

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LOL, Joann, you already know mine... I love riding my bike. That is really at the top of my list. Oh, no, I love my grand kids. They actually rank higher. First them, then biking, then gardening, cooking, used to be knitting next, but since I got that elbow problem I haven't knitted... so, I guess, cooking and eating are next. :)

Joann, how is the work at school going? I know so many of the kids by name now.... but still have a long way to go.


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I love being retired and finally for the first time ever have $$ and time to do whatever I want. My wants are small and may not see like much to others but they mean a lot to me.
Not having to get up to an alarm clock is great! Reading all day is fabulous, being able to watch Lifetime movies all day if I want or a Snapped Marathon;)

I love doing my yoga classes and finding my spirtual path. I took a yoga teacher training class~~~now I am taking Ayruveda classes. Will be taking more in the fall. Getting in my car and jetting off to a weekend alone for reading and doing whatever 'I' want~~~having one of my kids call and say 'hey mom come over here or lets meet and eat lunch and talk'~~just the freedom to do whatever or nothing~~

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Besides spending time with 2 yr. old Finn, I love going to ISU basketball games. Swimming in the summer and going for walks.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I love being with my husband and our little dog. Going to visit our families and the kiddos.
I love taking the RV out somewhere and having a mini vacation.

I love sitting in my recliner watching tv and surfing the net on my tablet or reading on it.

I used to sew a lot, not so much any more. I do still make jewelry when my hands cooperate, I make my glass garden totems which I also enjoy and I love seeing my flowers bloom.
I love looking out my windows and seeing all my beautiful big trees and the blue skies out of the skylights. I am so happy to be back where I have trees!
I absolutely love being at the beach on a nice cool day with the breeze blowing and my feet in the water.

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Oh, if I had a husband I would be fine too, with lots of things to do............... but as a widow things have a different look. Or at lease from my perspective they do now.

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Joann, you know how your life and mine parallel. Since my husband passed away, I've become lost in my tropical plants and my family. I TOLD you to come and spend some time hanging out with me - you're only FOUR HOURS from me!!!

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I love spending time with hubby, the kids and grandkids. I don't get to see the grandkids as much now that school is in. We just had the twins 4th birthday and 3 more to come this month. Fun, fun. I have been sewing a lot lately for the grandaughter's birthdays. I make all 6 of them sundresses, pj's and whatever else they want. I made the twins hero capes for their birthdays. They loved them. I just finished up making baby items for a guy that I used to babysit for 20 years ago. Their baby is due April 1st. I told him I have 2 grandaughters born on that day. Last night I made 2 baby blankets and 5 burb cloths for a neighbor gal due any day.. I enjoy doing for others..

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I love playing golf, bridge, reading, cooking. Joanne, not having a husband here doesn't stop anyone. We do lots of lady's things.......movies, getaways, lunch, dinner, golf, bridge. And when it comes to couples things, the single ladies are always included. You just have to force yourself to join in.

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I love my quilting and embroidery. The hours just fly by when I'm in the quilt room. And I love that I have something to show for a hobby that I enjoy.

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Joanne do you have a Senior Center close?? That is where I take yoga~~I think the single ladies out number the men there. They have lots of planned trips~~~things to do at the center. Our local community college has what they call Young at Heart classes and trips also.

I just found a new Spiritual group I am going to check out through MeetUp.com~~~almost every church in town has fun things to do and welcomes everyone.

What do you think you would like to do?? I will help you find somethng in your area;)

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I enjoy being with my three grandsons. They are exhausting but fun.
I like to go to movies,out to eat,read,watch tv,go shopping....just simple
things. I also like to take short vacations.....3-4 days. Don't like being
away from home to long.

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There is nothing I like better than spending time with my family. DH's siblings are all pretty close to us, within 7 miles, except one that's 3 hours away. My siblings are all 2-4 hours away, except one in GA, which is a 12 hour drive. Our son lives 1 1/2 hours away and our daughter is 3 hours away. So every chance I get to see family I jump on it.

I like to read, watch movies, go for walks, watch all the animals in our yard. I wish I knew how to sew. And I really wish I knew how to play the piano.

We live a simple, happy life.

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You know my loves too JoAnn!
Gardening, swimming, cooking on the open fire...anything outdoors
Oh and when not outdoors, doll houses and reading and puzzles

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I love going to the flea market. I don't buy much, but I like to visit with the dealers I know and eat at one of the many food stands there. I also love to train animals. I love waterlilies and raising goldfish (used to raise koi and still have some) and have been doing it for 45 years.

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play games on facebook, counted cross stitch, read on my kindle, read cookbooks, collect dolls, collect gnomes and fairies, garden, houseplants, being with ,my pets, birdwatching, cooking, being with jim, drinking coffee ...... not necessarily in that order. :)

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I love to read and I still love running in the trails out my back door.

I do belong to a book club but I'm going to look for a new one. My local college has an elder program where they offer courses for those over 55. I have taken a photography course and am also going to look at their book club. This elder program also offers hiking days, cooking classes, travel, computer courses, topical lectures, etc. Maybe check your local college or library and see if a similar program is available.

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JoAnn, I hope you find a single woman friend to do things with. My best friend here is married but her DH is in his late 80s and would rather stay home and read. Bless his heart, he is happy she has a "side kick" as he calls me and is happy she has someone to go to basketball games, movies, etc. with.

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I LOVE helping my daughter take care of my 6 mo. and 22 mo. old grandkids. I'm at their house about 35 hr. a week. This is why we moved 1000 miles.

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Tease you critters.

o j

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(((JoAnn))), have you, or would you, consider relocating? If I remember correctly you are living in a rather remote area. Maybe you need a change of pace, with more people and opportunities around. Just a thought.

I hate to hear you so down, but I also understand how lonely it is.

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JoAnn, I have sensed how lonely you are without your husband. I know I would be too. I live in a small town so here are some things I would do if I had free time (taking care of 2 family members has sort of become my retirement job) become active in my church, volunteer at the library, adopt a dog, do more gardening, and possibly volunteer in one of the organizations that helps the needy. I already read alot.

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