Thumb Sucking Solutions??

aimhoofJune 23, 2005

My friend's three year old sucks her thumb and we are trying to find a way to break this habit without using the nasty tasting stuff that you put on their fingers. does anyone have ideas that could help us?

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My daughter, 2 1/2, and my son, 4 1/2, both suck their thumbs! My son is doing it less and less. Personally, I think parent's should leave it alone! I think when the child is ready to give it up they will! Drawing attention to it only makes it worse! Just my opinion!

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Thanks for your opinion. The girl shut her finger in a lacker not long after my posting and it tore her thumbnail off so she's been doing a lot better. Also, they are rewarding her with "big girl" activities (painting fingernails, picking a movie to rent, etc.) for not sucking her thumb. Thank you for trying to help.

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As of the beginning of this past spring my 5 yr. old who will be 6 in Feb. was still sucking his thumb. This was causeing his bottom teeth to push in and he has a "thumb print" in the roof of his mouth! My solution was to find an activity that was very important to him and with hold it for a day every time I saw the thumb in his mouth (ie. suck it three times today loose the activity for three days). His most looked forward to activity was to ride his 4-wheeler, and it didn't take him long to catch on. I think he lost 5 days total but not in a row. I still catch him on occation but it is no longer a regular thing! Thankfully! I have used this tactic for other correcting also. Such as when there are days when he is being very mouthy or disobiedient he will loose his favorite evening show, then his after dinner treat etc... It works well.

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Oh we have the same concern. My daughter just turned 2 and I feel that her thumb sucking is getting worse. She used to do it only when she wants to go to sleep, but now I am seeing her do it while watching her favorite cartoons. I can't help getting worried because I am seeing teethmarks on her thumb and it is starting to have callous. :(

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my friend was still sucking her thumb in highschool,its made her thumb smaller than the other one,even now and 34 she sucks the end of her finger

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I highly recommend a product my sister-in-law used to get my six year old niece to stop sucking her thumb. She was sucking her thumb so much that it was damaging her teeth. The product is called a ThumbGuard. My niece's thumb sucking habit was broken in about four weeks using it.

You can buy ThumbGuard online at A Zeal for Living. They also have FingerGuard for children who suck their fingers instead of their thumb. Check out the site for more info on each guard.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Zeal for Living

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