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victory_tea2085June 3, 2006

Our 11 month old "Caleb" recently started rolling his left eye back, independently of the right eye. Anyone have a common experience or have some insight? He has ptosis of the left eye, which means droopy eye lid. Thanks for any help.

Paul f B

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I'm not an eye doctor, but I do have some medical training concerning the eyes. I would suggest that you take Caleb to the pediatrician and get it checked out. He'll let you know if you need to go to the eyedoctor. It could be serious and might affect his vision for the rest of his life, even causing blindness in that eye and weak vision in his other eye from doing all the work.

Also, have you considered having surgery to correct the ptosis on his left eye?

Good luck, and I hope all goes well for little Caleb!

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Our pediatrician ordered an EEG to rule out focal seizures. It is also possible he is doing it because he can. Research on the ptosis indicates that he should be old enough to be able to follow instructions, then it will be an outpatient surgery. Caleb saw an optimologist at a few monthes old and all seemed ok but that was before the start of eye rolling. We'll see how the eeg goes and then go from there. Thanks for your response. Paul F B

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