Extremely picky eater

jen0674June 25, 2006

My son is 3 years old and he's all of a sudden starting going through, what I want to call a stage, where, when I fix our meals, he says he's not hungry, he's tired....and he absolutely refuses to eat. I don't HOW many meals that I've thrown into the trash because he hasn't eaten them.

I know that I, myself, was also an extremely picky eater as a child, but at least I ate. There have been days where quite literally ALL he survives on are the Pediasure drinks. I've tried making a "home cooked" meal and he ABSOLUTELY refuses to even try a bite. Even if I put a taste in his mouth, he will turn around and spit it out. I've heard people say to fix "what they like" and I have, but I feel I'm starting to run out of options.

That's all I do is cook around what I know he WILL and WON'T eat, but now, for some strange reason, he's not wanting to eat ANYTHING. I'm just about it hit my wit's end and I certainly don't want to be mean and hateful about him eating his meals, but what do I do???? I really need some kind of advice or help??? ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY & GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Take away the Pediasure and don't feed him between meals unless it's a healthy snack at a regular snack time. If he learns that mama won't cater, he'll start eating when the food is there.

I have a picky eater also. I've found that if I offer less options and don't cater to him, he eats better and will try new things. He is still a plain food eater, but now I have more options. If he trys to eat what the rest of us have, I go easier on him. If he doesn't eat, he may go hungry for a while.

Good luck!

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I agree, get rid of the Pediasure, it's filling him up. It's not necessary, despite the guilt-laden advertising, it should only be used when your child is ill.

Just give him small (even tiny) meals. He won't starve. Six meals a day are just as good as three meals a day. Let him graze with a few finger food choices. Give him a hug after he eats, but don't overdo it with either negative or positive reinforcment.

Don't make a big deal, he's learning to push your buttons. Mealtime needs to be pleasant, turning it into a battle is one you won't win. Put some food out for him to eat while you are puttering around in the kitchen, but leave him alone. If he eats some, great, if not, he'll eat next time. He won't starve.

He'll get hungry and start eating. Don't even allow supplements (Pediasure) into the house, it's taking the place of good nutrition for him.

Good luck and enjoy that wonderful boy.

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I'm going to add (after watching my granddaughter), watch what he's drinking at meals, she'll dring all her milk first, then be full...she's filling her stomach up with liquid, and not with nutrition, so they have to limit her milk to after she's eaten 1/2 her supper.


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Try making the food fun to eat. I had a picky eater, so I got her a little apron, and put food in the pockets for her as her afternoon snack. A couple of grapes in one, some Cheerios in another, etc. Someone else suggested using as teh serving plate the baking pan for several muffins. Put just a little of something in the bottom of each muffin cup, and put that on his high chair tray. Slice one or two grapes into quarters, 10 Quaker Puffed rice in another, two rasins in another, etc. Not a whole lot of food so that it is overwhelming, a cooked carrot coin or two, just a taste of good foods only, no sweets.

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