inlaws and babysitting and barbies

toddler_2June 26, 2007

anyway about the barbies and the toddler boy...there is other things...they let him pee out side on tree and im sorry i just dont like that i think if they are camping or something like that ya thats ok...anyway they say its so embarrassing for him to play with barbies and hes going to turn the other way if you dont do something about it...i think the barbie is like his security blanket...if im not there then he had his barbie....anyway i have to pay them its not like they are doing it for free but really all he does is play out side and watch tv all day do i was thinking of putting him in academy and they teach them what should i do...i know there is nothing like family..but i dont want him staying over there if they treat him different because he would rather play with a barbie than a truck or a im sort of tuck in a hard place because this is my inlaws..and i feel like i should put him somewhere else.....????? So he can atleast learn...because hes already pretty smart

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When in doubt..don't. You're in doubt of your in-laws watching him on a regular basis, so Don't have them. Put him in school (I assume you mean preschool or daycare). He's your child, you make the choices for him, not them.


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