High Chairs

lea808June 29, 2003

I forget at about what age toddlers are ready to get out of the high chair and move onto a little table and chair instead - I am thinking about moving to that stage with my 14 month old because he HATES the high chair and it's sometimes a fight to get him to sit in it and then he throws his food all over the place! I am thinking maybe it's because he wants to be like the big guys and not sit in a high chair anymore??? I have a five year old too but I can't remember what age he was when we put away the high chair and got out the little tot-size table and chairs (which are sitting in the garage right now).

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He's probably ready now. My 15 mo gave his up just before his birthday. I have another son who is 23 months older. Little brother wants to do everything big brother does. I think I took my older son out of the high chair at around 18-20 months. WE made the mistake of not putting my older ds in a booster chair. We're paying for it now because my younger ds won't sit in one either.

We have the little toddler size table and chairs, but those are put away right now. Both kids use them as stepping stools if I don't watch out. Both kids are climbers and I have to do everything I can just to keep them at ground level.

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I waited too long; he was three. Sounds like you've picked a good time. After all, you're sensing that he's ready to do something else, and why not give it a try since that's the next stage?

Good growing!


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Make sure if you put him in a booster it has a strap. That way he will stay at the table eating until you let him down. It will save you lots of headaches. Kids do not like to sit and eat when they can be playing! Esp. when they hit 18 months. If I forget to buckle my son and go to the kitchen to grab something OFF he goes!

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