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dkgarberJune 25, 2008

I am designating the area between two large trees in my yard for a play space for my 14 month old. I am thinking a sand box, climber and a playhouse.

It is a good area b/c it gets shade most of the day. THe problem is the leaves and pine needles....

I was thinking rubber mulch, but how would I clean the needles and leaves out??? I wanted to do sand because I could easily sift the sand and remove any "stuff" but then I read that uncovered sand is dirty and unsanitary. But the playgrounds all have sand, right??


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Is there grass there now? I would leave it. It's much easier to mow and rake grass than to rake "stuff" out of sand....and besides, sand becomes a litter box unless it's securely fenced.
What harm are the leaves and pine needles causing?
And remember next year she will be older....and still older the year after that.
And frankly I think a 14 month old is pretty young to be worrying about a play area with climbers and all.

Small river rock works well under a play area, but toddlers are apt to put them in their mouth.
I would just get a play house on the grass and move it ofteh this summer....then perhaps next year she will be old enough not to put stray stuff in her mouth./
Linda C

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