Playpen use by 3 year old

nicole_momJune 20, 2006

I share joint cutody with my 3 year old son's father; my son visits his father every second weekend for a sleepover. At his house, he sleeps exclusively in a playpen, for all naps and overnights.

I'm sure I once heard that children over three years of age weren't to sleep in playpens because they could climb out/other safety concerns... Does anyone else know of any regulations following playpen use after a child turns three?

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Three does sound old to me.

You should probably refer to the instruction manual for the playpen and its weight and/or height restrictions and also it's usage for naps and overnight usage. Do you know the make of it? You could also ask your pediatrician for his opinion on the matter. They would probably know of the dangers first hand and you could pass on this "expert" opinion to your EX.

I bet your EX feels your son is safer in a playpen if he's not climbing out, so that he can't get into things.

Be careful not to suggest a crib at this age though. Many cribs also have height and weight restrictions that are lower than most three year olds too.

Sounds like dad may need to get his house in safe order and set up a toddler type bed for your son.

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I found a very good site on the net that features an excellent safety info about playpens. You may want to check it out to ensure the safety of your child. Just click on the link below. Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: PickyGuide

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I am sure your son could also climb out of a regular bed....and certainly could crawl out of a crib.
I had a Pack-n'Play for my twin slept in the crib and the other in the Pack-n' Play. When they got to be over about 2 1/2 I left the sides down so they could get out without climbing.
I expect your son finds it cozy and homey ...I wouldn't worry.
Linda C

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What lindac said.

My DD loved the pack n play for naps and overnight trips. It was homey to her.

(my nephew however was a big kid and couldn't sleep in one. So i'd say it depends on size and weight).

In general, I agree with lindac, though. I'm sure it's fine.

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