Favorite Sippy Cups

christy2828June 5, 2007

I've been using the Nuby, but lately DD's been chewing the tops off and the cups aren't sealing completely. Does anyone have a favorite cup, easy to clean, etc? Thanks so much :) Christy

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My daughter uses these. I found them at WalMart and she liked them so I got her a bunch of them. They have a washable straw and a flip up sipping spout. They don't spill when they fall over!

I got her the smaller ones, and my grandson, now 20 months, still uses them.

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momj47, Thanks so much!! I checked my local WalMart but couldn't find them. I'll keep my eye out, those look pretty good :) Christy

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We have purchased about every kind you could imagine and they all eventually leak or the straw ones squeak and are hard to clean and almost impossible to put back together. We finally bought a set of cheap original playtex ones and they are awesome, never ever leak and the easiest to clean!!!!

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